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23 Oct 2008 - 17:447179
Want to make Handmade Cosplay, who can i do?
I really want to make a cosplay but i dont know who to be!
In 2 days im going to be Deidara, i bought it though, and im using my natural hair, i really want to make a hand made cosplay now though (i dunno when ill where it xD)
Manga i know of:

Dragon Drive
Demon Prince
Shaman King
Pokemon (xD)
PhD Phantasy Degree
Kingdom Hearts

Id rather not wear i wig but if i have to ok


23 Oct 2008 - 18:287182
It's always better to pick something you want to do, ypou'll find the cosplay ahs more meaning and motivation for you. Then ask for help once you've though of what you want.

Go though your faveourite anime and manga, and look at what stands out for you. Don't worry if you thkn something might be hard, it's the best way to learn. You'll be surprised at what you can do if you put your mind to it.

24 Oct 2008 - 10:227186
It is very much less about skill level, and more about characters you think would be fun to do. Most of our costumes spring from the idea of "WOW, that'll be AWESOME" instead of the "What can I do?" Because if you all ways do the stuff you can do, then you'll never get better.


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31 Oct 2008 - 03:237371
I looked at your profile, wow you're very young! I understand sewing can be hard whe you're that age, I remember I tried making doll clothes and stuff when I was 8 and well, I found it a lot easier when I was older for some reason.

Anyway, why not start off by picking a character who's outfit you can make by changing normal clothes? For example Misty from Pokemon, Anna from Shaman King or Kairi or Namine from Kingdom Hearts? You could easily make those from normal clothes by lengthening or shortening them or cutting off the sleeves etc. Just use your imagination! Plus the hairstyles look pretty normal so you could use your own hair.

Then when you're a bit more confident at sewing you could try making a costume from scratch using a dress pattern. There are lots of female characters in Naruto who aren't too hard, like Sakura and Temari.

Good luck

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