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27 Feb 2012 - 22:0079857
Sailor Moon Crossplaying
We have half a Sailor Moon Crossplay group, and we're looking for the other half (if anyone's interested!)

So far we have;
Tuxedo Mask (Femme-Transformation) (user; me/Sonatica305)
Sailor Mercury (Male-Transformation) (user; Frankenfish)
Sailor Jupiter (Male-Transformation)

We're looking for;
Sailor Mars
Sailor Venus
Sailor Moon

For the Sailors we already have, they've decided on brightly coloured skinny jeans (male), boy school shirts, coloured bandanna to represent the bow, coloured/themed shoes and accessories (/maybe tattoos drawn on forehead).
So far, we have one actual male (Jupiter) and one female cross-playing (Mercury) so we're okay with either.

Any extra ideas for outfits are welcome. We're based in London so we're happy to do a meet beforehand if you want
Please let us know if you're interested in joining~!

[Edit; we'll be putting up photos hopefully by the weekend, but definitely soon!]

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27 Feb 2012 - 22:0779858
Aw man, this sounds like so much fun and it's always been a secret desire of mine to do something to do with Sailor Mars. XD Crossplaying her sounds even funnier..

But I'm so damn scrapped for cash it might take me centuries to get round to it.. ~_~ But this sounds hell funny and a lot easier to make up so I might be able to get around to this if you can't find anyone else.. >w<

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