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27 Feb 2012 - 10:1279777
Would like help fixing mess of a wig please (image heavy)
Reference of Aerith:

I bought a wig for my FF Advent children Aerith cosplay, but it is a complete mess. There are several things that I need help with to fix it.

This is what the wig looks like:
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v310/yumcarrots/P1040027.jpg (this picture won't show up here for some reason)

Firstly how do I go about styling the fringe of the wig so it looks like the reference image? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

Secondly, the pony tail seems to have picked up static, even though the wig has been sat on my wig head on
top of my wardrobe. This is what the pony tail looks like:

How can I get rid of the static? It's really annoying me

Thirdly, the curls at the front of the wig looked nothing like the reference image so on the left side using my fingers I tried to tease the curls out so they looked more accurate. This for some reason has resulted in the ends of the hair becoming frizzy:

How do I get rid of the frizz?
Also I tried straightening the curl (I have no idea why I thought that would help?!)and now have no idea how I go about curling the hair again. Any help would be appreciated!

Finally, the wig has a huge bump of hair underneath the pony tail:

This does not go away when I put the wig on and quite frankly looks really stupid. How do I go about basically getting rid of this huge clump of hair? I'm guessing it would involve undoing the pony tail and pulling the hair tighter .

Sorry for the long image heavy post, but any help with any of these issues would be greatly appreciated. This wig is really starting to give me a headache!

Edit to add: Apparently the wig is heat resistant up to 200 degrees

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27 Feb 2012 - 10:4479779
Lets see.. The bump could be because the wighead is smaller than a human head, is there a lump in the back when you wear it too? This tutorial could help: http://prettykitty.deviantart.com/art/Fitting-Arda-s-Jeannie-Wig-Tutorial-278646258 or you can wrap something around your head to make your head bigger, thus filling out the wig and the lump! ^^

As far as as the fringe goes, Trinsten Citrine has a fantastic tutorial on her site: http://tristencitrine.com/tutorials/wigbangs.html but as far as the frizz goes.. Is your wig heat-resititant? If it isn't, then it's really important that you don't use heat-stylers on it (straightener, hair-dryer etc)! But you can still get rid of some (prob not all) of the frizz, depending on if you wanna get the whole wig wet, or just the fringe. You could start with spritzing the wig with some detangler, but if that doesn't work a bath in fabric conditioner usually helps frizzy wigs become smoother. ^^

Good luck! ^^

27 Feb 2012 - 14:4879807
If I have unruly sections of a wig I use Got2bglued and sort of....force it back into place? You could use a mixture of the actual spray and the hair glue is good. You dont need much, just a bit on your fingertips, rub your fingers together a bit and just...smooth the tips?

If you want to get the curls back into the side sections I would recommend wrapping them around something, like a piece of foam that you can pin it to and dump some hot water on it like for the hot water wig straightning technique, and let it dry that way, you could encourage it a bit with a hair dryer but make sure you dont melt it.

You could always give the tips a bit of a trim, just dont cut across or you'll end up with a choppy finish. Just hold the strand of offending hair, and snip upward. So lets say your fingers hold the strand and look horizontal, you snip vertical. It should start to look a little more healthy and tameable if the water or hair glue technique doesnt work.

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