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26 Feb 2012 - 23:2979768
fake ice
does anyone have any ideas on what would be food to make something that looks like ice. want it for my subzero outfit and so far what i have isnt bad but then isnt great. no pic of it but its just a small ball with baking foil scrunched up, then opend up and wrapped rounf it. sprayed it white then with some diff pale blues went over some of the ridges all round. also did the same over a plastic bottle that my hand can go in

thanks for any advice

27 Feb 2012 - 00:0479770
You got a gluegun?
You could cut shapes blue or clear acetate sheets build up melted gluegun glue on the shapes, let it cool and flip and repeat on the other side then lightly spray it with fake snow spray.
Or get one of those clear plastic baubles you can get from craft stores and cover that in melted glue..if you make the covering directional so as to look like icicles it would make for a more icicle covered look or give it the appearance of being fired from your palms. Using pale blue glass paints should maintain its translucency...and if you like stick a small light inside and make it glow.
It's an idea, not tried it in practice.

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27 Feb 2012 - 20:2179838
hey.. thanks for replying. and thats a good idea. will ty summat like that with the craft ball things and some glue and paint. it will look alot better than my sorry attempt so far


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