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22 Oct 2008 - 17:477147
Long time fan, first time cosplayer
Hi all

I've been an anime fan for around ten years now and it has been interesting to see the changes to the UK anime community since then.

Cosplay was practically non-existent back then, I only saw it for the first time around four years ago. So, as I've befriended more and more cosplayers, I eventually had a crack at it at Amecon 2008.

I cosplayed as Speed Racer and loved it. I've got others planned and want to try and jeep them all retro - Astro Boy and Gatchaman are two I would love to do!

So yes, hello to you all. To the people on here I have already met and spoke to - you are all great people. If it wasn't for you I would have become a cynical old fart and forgot that being an anime fan is all about fun. And cosplay is all part of that fun

22 Oct 2008 - 17:557149
wow long time fan *praises you*
I agree with you ^_^ i didnt even know such a thing as cosplay existed 2 years back. But as it got more and more popular it appeared near where i live so know im part of the cosplay community, shame me and my friend didnt start while we were abit younger. But better late then never hehehe.
Its sooo nise to hear others like yourself getting involved and hope to see you sometime at an upcoming cosplay event. Until then keep cosplaying!!!

22 Oct 2008 - 19:587154
Thanks Mimi! After cosplaying at Amecon I felt the same way, why didn't I do it earlier? Never mind though - should get lots of cosplays done in 2009! Can't afford to do any more in 2008 so will be wearing Speed Racer again at the Expo this weekend. Never mind - more to come in 2009

22 Oct 2008 - 20:457158
Quote drowned_panda:
Thanks Mimi! After cosplaying at Amecon I felt the same way, why didn't I do it earlier?

:O I felt the same way! So far, I haven't cosplayed yet. I wish I knew about it before. But the first time I saw people cosplaying was this year in May. It was awesome Now I wanna do it >_<

My english sucks because hablo espanol :O
23 Oct 2008 - 00:427161
Hi Panda to Cosplay Island ^o^v

Where there's a table with lots of stuff and...

Oops wrong place. lol XD

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