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23 Feb 2012 - 22:5279586
Farron Sisters cosplay help (FFXIII)
Hi guys
Need a little bit of help with these two. Firtly i'm wanting to redo my Lightning cosplay from XIII-2 but want a little help with the leotard. In the pictures it looks like it's a lot thicker than just a lycra leotard as there seems to be panels on it. Any ideas on what i can use to make that out of? Also the purple belt piece...again fabric help on that as i have no idea what to do with it.

And to anyone who has cosplayed her before, where did you get your wig from and would you recommend it? I did like my wig last time, but i felt it was a little too poofy on the top and a bit thin round the back so would like a better one.

As for her younger sister serah, i have someone doing her matching outfit and wondered the same, all serah cosplayers, where did you get your wigs from Also her necklace. Anyone got any tips on where to buy one (other than the crazy expensive official one) or how to make one????

All help is greatly appreciated on this guys ^_^

23 Feb 2012 - 23:0579588
Good thing I bookmarked all my research for this character ^^

Check out yuurisan-c-chan's Journal Here on how she did her cosplay. she breaks it down and says what materials she uses ^^

For the Leotard, What about using padding with the panel? I think that will make it look thicker like Lightnings

and for her wig, I can't really say As I'm going to replace mine soon, but I think this shade and colour is like Lightnings.
Hope it helped ^^


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