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22 Feb 2012 - 01:4179422
MCM expo May kuroshitsuji meet up
Hey guys just to let you all know I'm organising a kuro meet up on Saturday and sunday at mcm London. If you go to the mcm forums, in the cosplay and masquerade thread, there is a sub thread named, "kuroshitsuji meet up?" I've posted all the details there, hope to see you guys and gals there

EDIT: http://www.mcmexpogroup.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=405&t=17701

Here's the link to the main forum feel free to go on this and add the facebook group too

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23 Feb 2012 - 16:4179528
If you don't have a facebook and don't use the forums post here and we'll keep you up to date with everything
our group has quite a large amount of people already and were hoping to make it a huge group, the more the merrier

All versons of the characters are welcome, whether anime, manga or musical were even open to fanart versons.

If you want details posted here or you are intrested let me know and i will leave further details


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