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19 Feb 2012 - 13:1879241
Fursuit / cosplay for sale
I have some fursuit or you could use it for cosplay for sale , I have them up for bidding on fur buy but if ud prefer to buy straight from me and there are no bids then I'll gladly do it tha way

I will only do trades for other fursuit stuf like resin fursuit masks , heads, feet and tails

I will trade more than one for blank resin heads ! And I would also be very intrested in molds like,pawpaw, animal head molds, jaw molds, they are what I'm more likely to trade for I may also buy it or do a comics ion trade

Here are images of them :-


All of them are on fur buy also with no bids so far

If you would like some more pics or I have videos of them :-


Please don't ask me to do deals on them or ask me to lower the prices, the price I ask for is to just to cover the cost of the faux fur and the time taken to make them, all of them are hand sawn!

I also take commissions for this sort of stuff if anyone is intrestead :-

Art wise and fursuit/ Neko / cosplay ears and tails, hand,feet

I lost most my images due to me needing a new computer but I do have some images if you would want to see

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13 May 2012 - 20:0683968

I'd like to look at some pics but the link doesn't work? :S

Cosplayer and cosplay photographer!

13 May 2012 - 20:1483970
Quote NotSoSilentFilms:

I'd like to look at some pics but the link doesn't work? :S

hi this was posted 19 Feb 2012 and no one took intrest so i just forgot to ask for this post to be deleted

i was selling my first fox tail i made when i first started making fursuit stuff

and then a husy tail i made from scrap material i had at the end of last ear

images :-
they are in the my album

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