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20 Oct 2008 - 19:527078
Is it accurate enough? (waistcoat)
I've been searching everywhere for a green waistcoat similar to the one Ema Skye wears and think I may have found one that is suitable. However, I thought I'd better check here what people have to say before I go ahead and bid. It's actually got three buttons, and Ema is meant to have four, in a different but I can remove the buttons and add the new ones. Also, it looks a bit low cut but do you think it would be sorted if I just added another button?
I know this may seem like a rather lazy slipshod way of going about things, but I'm basically worried about time eating into uni stuff (I'm already getting distracted writing the conclusion of one essay because I keep browsing for clothes) and really need to get this one done soon as possible so I can concentrate on my other bigger cosplays. Here are some pics to help:

20 Oct 2008 - 21:027085
I reckon you'll be absolutely fine with it as it is! I think if she wore just the waistcoat then it may be more noticeable but with the silk scarf lab coat and accessories, I doubt there will be people thinking "Hang on a minute, you can't possibly be Ema, you have only 3 buttons!" Only you will know and you can make amendments when you have more time! I wouldn't put that extra button on there until you've tried a safety pin where you want to sew it in. It'll significantly change the shape (depending on your bust) and it might even look odd!

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