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17 Feb 2012 - 15:4679085
Help finding beads?
Hello there I am trying so hard to find these beads and failing


This is a picture of Chii from Tsubasa and I need to find the beads dangling from her. I found them once but they where in a dark blue colour which is obviously wrong XD

if anyone can find them I will love you XD

17 Feb 2012 - 15:5479086
I'm using something similar for my Zelda costume - http://www.gems-n-sparkles.co.uk/point-40mm-blue-sapphire---swarovski-hanging-crystal-747-p.asp

But they are not cheap at around £4 per crystal. T_T I've actually found that type of shape really hard to find in blue and at a decent price, since people call it different names. I've heard it called an icicle, pointed crystal, drop crystal and so on. Have you considered making your own from clear casting resin and adding blue colourant to them?


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17 Feb 2012 - 16:0679088
I wouldnt know where to begin looking for a mould for anything like that XD

18 Feb 2012 - 12:4679158
this may sound odd, but have you tried looking at christmas decorations? They often have garlands of drop crystals for christmas trees, and they'll be a lot cheaper than having to buy that many individually. They won't be as good quality as the one that member-XI found though.

EDIT: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/60pcs-Swarovski-Sky-blue-crystaNot the right shape but right colour

A bit dark but the right shapept=UK_Crafts_Beads_CA&var=&hash=item8011032e13#ht_500wt_715

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