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16 Feb 2012 - 10:0578996
Stupid question but.....
....how do you say thank you?

So, the scenario is someone leaves a comment on your costume. So far, so very nice. I now have four options:

a) Respond directly underneath their comment;
b) Send a PM;
c) Go to their page and leave a comment on one of their costumes; or
d) do nothing.

The problem is that a) seems rather presumptious that they'll come back; b) seems rather intrusive; c) well, fine but if on their page I should/would be commenting on their costume. Saying thanks on their page seems a little bit odd and d) just seems bloody rude.

I know that this should be really obvious, and indeed perhaps rather silly, but it's also something which I'm struggling to grasp the form.

So, what do you do?

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16 Feb 2012 - 11:0778999
It's quite sweet of you to think about this ^^

Many of us simply do option a) and try other options if there's something truly on our minds about that costume and we wish to take it further.

The ability to add people to your friend list is good as you can see their recent actions to check if they've commented, or go to your own overview to see recent actions.

It doesn't really work like facebook here, it's all a bit rustic and having to place faith in them coming back, however going with option a) doesn't only answer their own questions if they have any you're also answering that question for anyone else who has thought of it.

16 Feb 2012 - 11:2079001
Yeah, I think a lot of people go for option a) as the best of a not-great options for responding to comments. I've seen c) a few times but it always looks a bit confusing as an outsider who only sees one side of the comment conversation.

(Personally, I do try and go back and check for replies to comments I've made, especially if I actually asked a question of some sort.)

16 Feb 2012 - 12:1979004
I tend to go for option a) at the very least... I love getting comments on my costumes so I always make sure to show a little gratitude.. C:

Usually, just out of curiosity, I'll have a poke around their own costumes too, and return the favour of a few comments, just because it's fun to spread the love... And appreciation's just how friends and days are made. :3

I'm quite a 'give what you want to receive' person.. ^^

16 Feb 2012 - 12:3679005
If I'm honest, I usually don't do anything - not becuase I don't appreciate their comments, but becuase I don't want to make it look all messy and confusing ^_^' If someone has asked a question or made a commnet I just have to respond to, I do add a coment of my own though. Unless it'd require a long reply, in which case I PM them.

I do usually go stalking through their costumes out of curiosity though

16 Feb 2012 - 13:4379007
I sometimes respond directly to their comments. I do usually go and have a look at their costumes and comment on theirs too if they've done something from a series I like or just something that looks cool, I suppose I feel the same as others that its nice to return the favour.

From the other side I find when I comment myself that I do sometimes go back and look at a costume, either if I posted a question or I want to see how its progressing.

16 Feb 2012 - 16:2479017
i usually do a&c a)its rarely that anyone comments on my costumes and when people do they make me feel tht ive done all that effort for something and would like to thank them c) i do this only because they have made the effort to look at my costumes so i think its fair that i do the same and i will comment if they have a costume i like

b has happened to me and i felt weired when they sent me the message

17 Feb 2012 - 12:1379071
I've sometimes done A but most of the time i do C because one nice comment deserves another in my opinion so i go lurking through peoples costumes and return the compliment =]

Its also a great way to find some great cosplays that you might not normally be searching for ^_^

17 Feb 2012 - 14:3779082
Thanks everyone.

I generally plump for a) with a side order of c) but I haven't really been happy either of them! I feel slightly more relaxed about it now however.

My concern was, being new to the community as with being new to any organisation, it can be easy to accidently give offence which was something I was keen to avoid, hence the question. So thanks.

18 Feb 2012 - 21:1879199
I've wondered this myself actually - I tend to do A personally, though I leave separate comments to costumes as well sometimes.

18 Feb 2012 - 21:3379201
I'd often thank them in the comment section and look at their costumes

As for commenting other costumes I tend to try and get back to their profiles and see if I get a reply later

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