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13 Feb 2012 - 22:1278876
Sharpening Fabric Scissors
I've had this trusty pair of fabric scissors for over a year now and they've been under heavy use because of cosplay and my course. No other pair has lasted this long because the hinges usually go first or people try to cut gluey, adhesives with it and thus wreck them. So this is the first time I've found that my blades are a pain in the ass and snagging horribly on fabric which I need to be clean cut.

I was wondering if it was possible to sharpen them, and what would I use to go about doing so? The pair that I bought for my fiance so he could motivate himself to start sewing are tempting me, but I really love the pair I have now.

13 Feb 2012 - 22:3178879
I know how you feel, you just want to stick with a pair you're use to. My granny constantly rants how she misses the man who came door to door to sharpen any blades that needed it.

best thing to use is a whetstone. They range from quite cheap (for what they are) to rather expensive - here's what google came up with

I've never bought one myself, so I wouldn't know what to go with. All I know that you should also get oil for it (apparently vegetable oil is perfectly adequate). Seems quite expensive, but I imagine all the other techniques (aluminium foil etc) are good enough for paper or kitchen scissors, but not fabric scissors which need to be a lot sharper. Also, I imagine it'll be cheaper in the long run. Knives and other scissors also get blunt and this will also work on them. You need never buy a sharp implement again!

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13 Feb 2012 - 22:4678886
Hurrah! Fabric scissors can get pricey so I'm glad I dont have to part with my current pair. Thanks a bunch!

13 Feb 2012 - 23:4978890
my ancient book of practical tips suggests cutting up some sandpaper to bring back the edge...though it does seem to specify kitchen scissors

14 Feb 2012 - 19:1578919
I use a scissor sharpener which works really well... they're not too expensive either ^^


I have heard that you can sharpen scissors by cutting tin foil but I have never tried it so I'm not sure if it actually works

14 Feb 2012 - 23:2978933
I'd buy a whetstone from a DIY store and they either need water or oil and to use them is the same as sharpening knives, go from heel to toe (bottom to top and at an angle) or I would use this
This thing is amazing and I think it works for scissors and they're cheap
(I'm just using the same tools for sharpening knives as scissors I'm not sure if they're the same I just hope it works =P)

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15 Feb 2012 - 03:5578944
Thanks everyone! I'll definitely look into these different methods.

24 Feb 2012 - 15:3379614
I use a kitchen knife sharpener which is for sharpening blades. It works well

24 Feb 2012 - 18:0079619
You could also try asking your fabric store since some would offer scissor sharpening sevices. if your not sure about sharpening it yourself that is ^^

02 Mar 2012 - 18:3780057
Just adding to this, you can sharpen scissors using am empty glass bottle. If you put on of the blades inside the bottle and literally start a cutting motion on the bottle - literally as if you were trying to cut the bottle in half!

It's worked well for me in the past

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