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13 Feb 2012 - 20:3178874
Any Knite cosplayer's?
I just wanted to know if anyone happened to cosplay any of the characters from the flash comic Knite which was created by Yuumei on Deviantart. I haven't cosplayed anyone from Knite yet, but I'm planning to. I think I might cosplay either Sen or Lin or I might make an OC and cosplay the OC... I don't know. I just know I want to cosplay Knite.

If you haven't seen Knite, then you should! It's such a wonderful piece!
Chapter 1
Chapter 1 Omake
Chapter 2
Chapter 2 Bonus
Chapter 3
Chapter 3 Bonus short
Then if you go down to the description it gives you a link to the beta pages of chapter 4. There's also a music piece lying around somewhere on deviantart that I can't find again for some reason.

There's so little Knite cosplayer's out there and Knite deserves to have cosplays! Knite is barely known, so alongside my normal cosplay group of vocaloids; how about we start a Knite cosplay group? Granted there isn't many roles, but if we run out of roles, we could have some OC's join the group! What do ya say? If you want to find out of places near by to where I live, check out my other thread requesting of vocaloid cosplayers. It has a BIG list of places (not in alphabetical order. More like the order I thought of them).

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