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20 Oct 2008 - 00:087038
MCM Expo~Can't make it to the cosplay ball? FEAR NOT
OK OK OK i promised to spread the word so here i go!! LOL

Hey im Colzy-Chan ^_^

ok so basically if you can't make it to the cosplay ball for whatever reason be it not being aloud, unable to get a ticket etc. you are warmly invited to a


Its being held in St James' Park, London a course xP If you need directions getting there please feel free to ask the organisers xDD

SOO if ya wana go all ya gotta do is:

-Bring some food & drink please xD no alchohol or drugs etc.
-Bring some music if you wish xDD Ipod speakers are being taken by one of the organisers but feel free to take your own CD players an stuff like that
-It will be at the bandstand around the south east, off the road that leads to Buck house. But IF we do get kicked out(for whatever reason) -which we may- just comply with the police and when they have gone, go back but GO IN VIA ANOTHER ENTRANCE!

Thats about it info wise heres a link to the DA http://partyinthepark.deviantart.com/
where most of the info is & watch for updates xDD & let us know if your going

SPREAD THE WORD the more the merrier xD

See you guys there!

20 Oct 2008 - 08:427043
Sounds good.

Roughly how far would you say it is from the excel center?

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21 Oct 2008 - 11:007096
Quote MattDark:
Sounds good.

Roughly how far would you say it is from the excel center?

erm if you go on the link i provided and ask the organisers im sure they would be happy to tell you ^^ im actually going with them as i don't know my way lol i was just spreading the word xDD

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