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28 Aug 2007 - 01:35290
Um, Hey guys (and gals)

Kenny here. Just kinda announcing my presence here

not sure what else to say except



i'll updating my profile more soon. promise!

01 Sep 2007 - 03:55310
Welcome! I hope you find the site okay. (Nice to see my minions working their magic at Collectomania XD)
Its also great to see some comic book cosplays appearing! I look forward to seeing what else you're planning in the future

02 Sep 2007 - 01:16321
Damn, we're good! We gave out many cards, missus! honest!

Glad to see you joined It was nice to speak to you at Collectormania and, as I said maaaany times, your Robin costume was absolutely amazing! Can't wait to see other costumes from you

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08 Sep 2007 - 14:50361
Nananananananananaaaaa BATMAN!

Seriously, awesome to have you dude! As a comic book geek as well it's cool to see somebody representing the comics!

I hope to get some Xmen costumes done in the future, but spandex scares me! :O

Welcome to Cosplay Island!

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