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19 Oct 2008 - 17:517007
akuroku cosplay wedding, everyones invited!
yeah me and my axel are haveing a cosplay wedding and we really want to get as many people as we can 2 come, it will be on the 1st of november. in manchester,
picadilly station at 11.00
and we ask that you come in a kingdom hearts 2 cosplay and if you dont have one, come in a suit or a dress and just style a wig as someone in KH2 lol
but if you cant, you can come anyway lmao xDDD
yes i will be wearing a dress and axel will be in a suit xD
where will be cake!!!! >8D
lol and music and shiz xDDD its gunna be awesome please message me if you can come! ^-^
and i will be chooseing bridesmaids and best men out of the people who say they can come ^-^

19 Oct 2008 - 20:007015


Me and a group of my mates did a KH cosplay at collectormania, not sure if I would be able to come but I let you know =]

congratulations LOL

19 Oct 2008 - 20:057018
oooooooh that sounds amazing *_* i soooo wanna go, il have to message you if i have that saturday off, reallly hope i will.

19 Oct 2008 - 20:087019
congratulations on your wedding!

19 Oct 2008 - 20:167023
Sounds awewsome! xD

19 Oct 2008 - 22:137026
oh and just so people know, we are not really getting married lol xD
its just a wedding for cosplay xD
but still i want everyone 2 come
i hope you can ^-^

19 Oct 2008 - 23:237028
Sat 1st Nov: D'oh. Saturday evens are busy for me. >,<
Manchester: D'oh...although I could probably crash my brothers appartment if I was to come.

Oooh...I wish Manga could come. ^^b


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19 Oct 2008 - 23:287029
Uhh, won't the station be ridiculously busy on that day? Why are you doing it there of all places?

19 Oct 2008 - 23:367030
Yeah, pretty much reiterating what Kazz has said.

The station?

With people coming and going ALL the time?

Wouldn't it be more sensible to have people go to a less busy place... like Hyde Park or something?

19 Oct 2008 - 23:377031
Holding it on a Saturday in one of the busiest train stations in England...surely the station security will move you on? Might be an idea to find a better venue for it, eh?

~Auchinawa Chairman

~Auchinawa - Scotland's Anime Convention~
19 Oct 2008 - 23:407032
Quote Silver:
...like Hyde Park or something?

She's talking about Piccadilly in Manchester hun, but I agree that a park would be a much better option.

Can I ask why you would want to do something like this in the first place? Sorry but it's pretty damned strange and I've seen my fair share of nutty anime-related activities...

20 Oct 2008 - 08:267041
piccadilly station you're gonna get kicked, probably better to have it at the piccadilly gardens or urbis (yes I knwo alot of people go there as well but at least you'll have a crowd? lol) if you're looking for somewhere indoors or under shelter, china town has the shelter (pretty for pictures)

I might come lol but prob jus wear a dress or something....oooh cosplay coat....

20 Oct 2008 - 08:327042
can i still be vicar
Can I still be the vicar?.... dude in red kimono (kenshin himura)

and to the people asking about the piccadilly train station, that's not where it's going to happen..... that's just where we're meeting... I assume.

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20 Oct 2008 - 11:417047
well i was planning to just meet everyone at piccadilly station then when everyone gets there move on to china town 2 have the wedding,pictures,food and music there.^-^

20 Oct 2008 - 12:537048
Quote Kazz:

She's talking about Piccadilly in Manchester hun, but I agree that a park would be a much better option.

... Oops. That'll teach me for skim reading. ^^;;

20 Oct 2008 - 15:407062
and please if you can come, privertly message me for more details about it
its gonna be uber awesome! ^-^

20 Oct 2008 - 18:567075


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21 Oct 2008 - 02:527093

kinda sad no meetup this saturday... damm conventions xD ahahahah but yey cool weddingness =D

i have no KH2 or KH costumes BUT!!!! i do have my 10th squad captains outfit (blach) that i jsut (almost) finished making )jsut need sew hems on coat... its a 5 minuite job) and i will be there or i will be square.... ommmmmmmmmm

hahh nshud i bring a gift of cheesy puffs and sticks for the happy coupple xD

anyways im jsut chattin on now so yeah.... WOOOOO wedding xD hmmmmmm gives me time to make my sword cus i need make new one but now im chatting on AGAIN ahahah trust me =P

i stop.... NOW

THE HORSEMAN COMES!... And Tonight He Comes For You!!!
21 Oct 2008 - 11:597097
okay thanks for everyone who replyed.
but if you can come, please message me about it just so i know you are comeing, thank you x

21 Oct 2008 - 12:367099
im not being a party pooper or anything like that but in my opinion this is
veryyy veryyyy childishhhhhh
XD sorry just had to point that out

21 Oct 2008 - 12:437100
guess wot guess wot!!!!!!

i know a guy who is a photographer and him and his miss's are into anime n probably cosplay so i invited them down on the 1st so they may take sum pics hehehehe =P

so yeah jsut thought let y'all know there might possably be my friend n his miss's coming who will probably take some pictures


AND he is hopefully getting a job with a local newspaper, as eather jsut a hptographer or a reporter+photographer..... soo who knows it MIGHT get published as something =D

who knows tho... wait and see xD

will b fun though regardless

THE HORSEMAN COMES!... And Tonight He Comes For You!!!
21 Oct 2008 - 13:127102
Quote ryaoki:
im not being a party pooper or anything like that but in my opinion this is
veryyy veryyyy childishhhhhh
XD sorry just had to point that out

I fully agree.

Having a fake gay wedding, between two fictional characters in public and inviting the internet is rather strange even by my standards. It reminds me of the games you play when you're a kid and you play dress up.

21 Oct 2008 - 13:147103
Anime fans stage fake homosexual wedding at busy Manchester train station!

Headlines like that will do the UK Anime scene in general a whole load of good I'm sure.

Seriously, I've not seen many sillier ideas than this in my time. I just hope that you're not going to be mad at the normal people going about their day who are almost certain to be pointing/laughing/jeering throughout the 'ceremony'. The fact that it's a yaoi pairing makes it even worse/more stupid.

If you want a sensible suggestion, go and hold this in your back garden. Then once you've had your fun get changed into everyday clothes and go out for a nice social meal. No Cosplay.

21 Oct 2008 - 13:267104
Hi Everybody,

I just wanted to let you know that I've decided to lock this thread, not to stop anybody organising anything or because the original topic is bad. But, I do think that this thread is attracting some personal opinions which could result in hurt feelings or arguments.

Everybody is of course entitled to their opinion on Cosplay Island and we would never want to stop discussion from happening. But this is obviously the sort of thing where some people will enjoy it and others won't. We want to try and keep Cosplay Island a positive and friendly environment so that people feel welcome to post here.

I'm absolutely not pointing fingers at anybody here or saying anybody was in the wrong but as a Forum Moderator for a very, very large games forum I have seen threads like this one either turn very nasty or result in people getting into very heated discussion and causing resentment and negative feelings.

I hope the original poster doesn't mind me locking this. If people are interested in attending the event the information is still there to see, locking it just prevents further posts being added.

Thanks for understanding everybody.

Let's all work together to make Cosplay Island a really positive environment for the UK Cosplay Community.


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