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09 Feb 2012 - 20:4878632
Sealed body armour?
Evening all!

I was thinking about making one of the suits from Tiger & Bunny [not sure which yet, probably Bunny]. For those who may not know of the series, the build would be that similar to Iron Man, for example.

However I wasn't sure what the best way to do it is.

I have heard EVA foam mentioned before, but as I have never worked with it, I wouldn't be sure how to use it, as well as what thickness I would need. I would also to know a rough quantity of how much I would probably go through, to estimate a cost for such a build.

Here is a link of what I'm thinking of:

10 Feb 2012 - 22:3978710
EVA foam is great, you can buy it in plain sheets such as from coscraft but a lot of every day stuff is made from EVA foam as well such as yoga mats which you can get from pound stores and play mats. If you've seen craft foam such as funky foam etc in shops usually about 2mm thick in A4-A3 that's just thin, not very dense eva foam.

It's easy to work with you just need a very very sharp knife e.g. Stanley knife or snap off blade knife or even scissors. If you are going to use EVA I'd highly recommend getting a hot air gun/paint stripper. This allows you to heat up the foam and bend it to your will and it'll stay like that. So great for armour.

WRT thickness, that really depends on what you're needing. Obviously the thicker it is the more rigid it'll be so it'll keep it's shape better but will also be quite hot. So really thickness would be up to you, it'll be a trade off between strength (thicker) and manoeuvrability (thinner).

To gauge quantity you could buy some cheap card or just use cardboard boxes and plan out the costume that'll give you a general idea of how much foam you want and also allow you to make templates to make cutting out your foam easier.

Hope that helps.

My best advice is just to buy some, like a yoga mat, and just have a play with it. Once you see what you can do with it it'll make it all a lot easier and I'm sure people here would be happy to help you along the way if you get stuck.

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11 Feb 2012 - 08:4978718
To give you the benefit of my experience, I used about four (1m x 0.75M) sheets of 6 mm black plastazote to create my Priss Asagiri hard suit. With an additional sheet for practice and mistakes, that should cost around £30-40. This can be bought from various places, Flints, Thames Valley Supplies or Coscraft are ones that come to mind, and coscraft have a sale on the larger 1M x 1.5M sheets at the moment.

Plastazote is quite versatile. I prefer to cut mine with a scalpel blade, they are also called xacto knifes, rather than a Stanley knife as it gives a cleaner cut and is more maneuverable. I have seen cheap versions in pound shops which work quite well. I have also used scissors too.

As kata-san mentioned, it is worth buying a heat gun to allow you to heat form the plastazote. I am in the process of writing a tutorial on how to build your own mini vacuum former and vacform plastazote to get some of the more difficult shapes. I'll try and complete that soon.

I have details of how I constructed Priss in the journal and information sections on here, so this may give you some advice on how to go about starting. I'm also happy to try and answer any other questions you have if you want to PM me.

There are other methods too. Tab used EVA covered in PVC for his Tony Starkers costume, while both Ilpala and Xae have made some great stuff with latex covered plastazote.

Overall, I found the best way to improve is to experiment yourself, that's what I did.

Somehow it's reassuring knowing I'm not the only one pretending to be normal

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12 Feb 2012 - 23:5978815
Thank you for the feedback, each of you

theKillingdoll - Your Priss is amazing, and exactly the kind of thing I want to do in terms of effect. The metallic sheen of your armour helps too, as sometimes when I see armoured cosplays, it is matt paint that makes it look dull.

If I do decide to go ahead with this, I will keep you all updated.

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