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18 Oct 2008 - 20:476979
Grief with the optician and contact lenses
Ok I went and got an apointment at the opticians which luckily I had a free voucher for because all I wanted to know was can I or can I not wear contact lenses. She was like we have to do a seperate appointment for that as we have to do a sight test first T_T anyway I can ramble on but I wont about her inability to give me a straight answer...

Getting to the point I'm doing Lord Orochimaru, I was going to get shop bought contacts from camdem. When I asked the opticians about them she was like don't get the shop bought ones they most likely won't fit proparly and cause infections and can scratch your eye ect ect.

I was like but places like the gadget shop sold them for a time ect whats wrong with them and she was like its very unlikely your find them now as due to new rules there being taken of the shelves.

Ok soooo all I achieved from this appointment was her trying to give me a different perscription that wasn't as good as my current glasses though she didn't seem to belive me when I said my old ones are better, and the fear of god being put into me about contacts and that I should get them through an optician and not a fancy dress shop. But you get what you pay for and luckily theyd sent me a voucher that made it free.

Any advise on opticians that sell snake eyed contacts, as this one didn't and they suggested I go get a contact lense related appointment at somewhere that did. And are the ones that are about camdem that bad? I'm a bit worried as I have seen an FF cosplayer going around with red eyes cos there contacts were hurting them?

18 Oct 2008 - 21:286981
I agree with the optician, there is definitely nothing like a well fitting pair of lenses and nothing worse than an ill fitting one.

I'd suggest a preliminary contact lens appointment to an optician who will measure your eyes up for curvatures and such and then you'll have your contact lens details. After that you could shop around online, good ones will let you select your size and correctivity (is that the word?).
Opticians tend to use WildEyez for novelty contact lenses but their selection is limited, I know there are several companies that hand paint their contacts but I eould check their credentials first.

Umm, I think that's all I can tell you!

18 Oct 2008 - 21:496983
Eep. contacts can be kinda hard to get, the snake eye ones [as far as i know] are pretty easy to find, but like the person above said, get your eyes checked out first to make sure you can wear the contacts, also watch out for some of the contacts as the collor bit can some times block your vision when your pupils change size because of the light as i was looking to get some collored ones for somthing or other xD also, i have heard the ones from camden arnt all that good and the quality isnt very good, try and get the lenses through your optition if possible, but if not, use a profesional site that sells them ^_^

[i hope i was of some help, cause i wear contacts alot anyways as you saw at C14! xD]

19 Oct 2008 - 07:486984
i have red contact that i got frm specsavers there really gd but there expensive. contact are annoying 2 put in if u dont do it regualarly as i found.

19 Oct 2008 - 12:476993
are you saying you wear glasses normally? or do you just want some non perscription ones?

if you normally wear glasses and need presecriptions ones then you need to go to an optitions and see the contact lense specialist not the spec optition.

I think thats what you went and got isn't it? anyway if you say you want contacts because your glasses get in the way or something like that they can't turn you away from getting contacts. when they have tested your eyes, they should be able to give you the size/curvature and what each eye sight is. you may find this is different to your glasses perscription as i know when i got my 1st contact lenses the optition said my eyes preferred my perscription one way that was different to my glasses, this being i suppose that the contact is close up on the eye.

anyways when you have that all you need to do is sit on the internet and find a website that does perscription lenses that you like. then buy them lol.

i have been wearing contacts for years, i have monthly disposibles which i can sleep in now and again..... i however keep mine in for the whole month! i never take them out, unless its gets too dusty at work (i work with horses), i worried my optition would say my eyes would show up unhealthy or something when i started wearing them constantly but my yearly check up has shown my eyes are healthy as ever so i will carry on doing as i do.

don't be scared that contacts will cause problems with your eyes, as long as you take care of the contacts when not in your eyes and get used to wearing them over a period of time your be fine....yes your eyes will become sore if you don't get used to them over time. and some contacts maybe not be very good, like they tear easily especially if your not used to handling them. but they are not dangerous! your not going to loose half a contact in your eye and scratch your eye if you take care! especially as your be buying soft lenses.

sorry for the essay, any help with finding some lenses let me know but need to know your eye prescription.


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19 Oct 2008 - 14:586999
I wear glasses and contacts and I defo say get checked with an opptiction first before buying any lenses. Most places will want an up to date prescription if youy are going for prescription lenses. Its always I good idea to check what type of lenses you can wear.

I have snake eyes lenses which I got locally. I got them on recommendation from my brother who got the purple lenses from the same range. I know that Conlons optictions do offer the snake eyes contacts that are prescription. I think they are £50. The ones I have are non Prescription and cost £20.

19 Oct 2008 - 23:537035
I have a similar problem and i can recommend you go to


They sell quite a good range of mad lenses and even in prescription. The normal prescription lenses are very reasonable, but the coloured ones are very expensive, but that's something you've got to live with, I have very poor sight so I didn't even think it would be possible for me to get anything like that!

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20 Oct 2008 - 18:397073
Thank you, for replying everyone and in detail (I didn't expect people to put that much effort in) I will definately check that link. What I was saying is I do wear glasses but I didn't midn if they where just plain non perscription ones - just long as I had snake eyes - sayin that I don't mind paying £50 to see XD which is what I will probably do. I did go in originally asking for the contact lense test but on the day as I said they wouldnt let me without doin an uptodate sight test, as I said they gave me a different perscription, that I couldnt see as well through as my current glasses, so I will just go to another optician and book the contact test and ask if it can be done with past one as there is only a tiny apperent difference.

It doesn't seem I will be able to get my hands on them before expo. But knowing that I will go through all the options you've given me carefully. I think I'll ditch the camdem idea as I havent used lenses before so I will have no idea if any discomfort is normal un normal ect, id rather start with something I know should work that and I have no idea what size to get till get a contact test.

20 Oct 2008 - 21:087088
Quote Larxene:
I did go in originally asking for the contact lense test but on the day as I said they wouldnt let me without doin an uptodate sight test, as I said they gave me a different perscription, that I couldnt see as well through as my current glasses, so I will just go to another optician and book the contact test and ask if it can be done with past one as there is only a tiny apperent difference.

Ah, I did the same thing but with my regular opticians, I was after some blue ones and if you know anything about lenses, I normally wear toric lenses, which means not only am I as blind as a bat but I also have astigmatism meaning lenses have to be cutomised to fit the irregular shape of my eyes. I just went in and they weren't happy with giving me a trial in lenses that they know are unsuitable for me. But I just said to them that I'm already aware that my sight will be halved and they won't be as comfy as my current lenses. If you can just assure the opticians that you know what you <b>CAN'T</b> get they might be more willing to give you a trial!

I'm not anti-social, I just appreciate silence
21 Oct 2008 - 17:497110
ok, i'll try and help as much as i can on some explainations on this.

i work at an opticians, and have done for the best part of 14 years. the coloured/painted contact lens issue came up a few years ago, where random shops started selling cosmetic contacts. basicly it works like this, prescrtiption lenses can only be sold by certified opthalamic opticians, while non prescription (usually refered to as "plano lenses" ) can be sold by anyone really.

the lenses that you can buy commercially are "ok". the key is to not wear them for longer than needed, as previously stated they may not fit well, or they may cause irritations. ALWAYS GET A CONTACT LENS CHECK AT AN OPTICIANS. vision express have a nice system where you pay for the contact lens checkup, and if you need prescription lenses and they are suitable for you, you get the cost of the contact checkup back towards your first set of lenses. NEVER RE-USE LENSES MORE THAN A FEW DAYS OLD. even if you've kept them in solutions. they -might- be ok, but they also might cause a nice dose of conjunctivitis.

i'll ask at work tomorrow for advice for you, but i'm fairly sure that as long as you don't do anything silly like sleep in the contacts (VERY BAD IDEA) you'll be ok.


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21 Oct 2008 - 19:007112
Lol yes i might sleep in my ones that i'm aloud to and have on a monthly scheme with the optitions, but i wouldn't sleep in my coloured contacts that i have bought online cheaply!, they will be used for the 2days and then chucked away as even if they are monthly ones i will not reuse them after this time. in the evenings i will sleep with none in so my eyes can have a rest from having different lenses in.


21 Oct 2008 - 21:107120
I would definitely recommend trying normal contact lenses before you use the coloured ones - not only to see whether you'll tolerate them or not (there are many different types of contact lens e.g. soft, hard and so on), but also so you get the hang of putting them in and taking them out before the con. The last thing you want is added stress faffing about with lenses and cleaning solutions when you're not familiar with them, and if you accidentally dropped a £50 contact lens that'd majorly suck. Also avoid monthlies - they're the worst culprits for infections.

As others have said, you're best off going to see a contact lens fitter for a proper checkup before ordering online - the reason they want an up-to-date glasses prescription is because the strength of the contact lenses and the strength of the glasses are slightly different because the contact lenses are obviously closer to your eyes so they need to account for that. It's also to do with fitting the lens as well - long-sighted people have a steeper curve to the front of the eye and short-sighted are vice-versa.

If you're not happy with your new glasses prescription you should certainly take it back to the opticians and get the lenses checked etc, especially if your prescription is different between each eye - opticians can and have accidentally swapped lenses around or transposed the prescription incorrectly!

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