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18 Oct 2008 - 15:086976
URGENT - Long Wig Help

I looked at the official picture today and realised her hair actually had some significant shape to it. So i took it out the packet (my friend had told me to put it into a plait so i asked her to, apparently it would stop it from tangling). But to style it i tried to carefully take it out the plait and now it is a tangle mess on my bed, i'm having a huge stress, it's the most expensive part of my whole costume and i've wrecked it.

I need some expert help. NOW.
A week before the convention.
My wig's a mess.
I'm going to kill myself i'm just exploding from every orifice.
The wigs a tonking 44" and every mm of it is a knot.

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18 Oct 2008 - 15:466977
There’s no quick way to detangle it, so lots of time and patience is the main ingredient. I have a few suggestions you can try:

First, you need to hang it up somewhere - pinned to a wig form if you’ve got one, and supported somehow (2 litre bottles are handy for this). If you don’t have a wig form and a secure way to hold it up, try a hook on the wall, a doorknob or something. It simply need to be secure, and the hair all hanging down nicely.

Then, working from the *bottom*, work out the tangles a bit at a time. I like finger-combing, stopping when I hit a tangle, and easing it apart. Any major knots, cut them out. Trying to undo them will damage the wig fibre, so just snip them out.

Use wig conditioner if you have some, but ordinary conditioner helps too - anything to help your fingers run through the wig. Just be sure to rinse it out once you’re done, like this (don’t use water until it’s de-tangled, but, when it is, dowsing it in conditioner and washing it off using that straightening method is worthwhile, it can sort out any frizz a bit). Once the main tangles are out, you could move on to using a wig brush or a wide-tooth comb to go over it again.

Your friend is right that storing it in a braid, or using ribbons along the length of it will help stop tangling, and definitely do anything to prevent tangles in the first place! When wearing it, I strongly suggest keeping the ends tied to minimise tangling. You can always let it completely loose for some photos. Any long wig will tangle as you wear it - from rubbing against your back, and movement as you walk, if it’s windy outside etc. so it’s a good idea to have it tied back, at least at the tips as I suggested. Also, be prepared to comb it periodically during the day. Wig conditioners and de-tangling sprays are useful for preventing tangling in the first place too.

Good luck! If it’s a good quality wig, it’ll be just fine with some tlc, and I sincerely hope it is a high quality wig, since poorer ones are simply useless, and it really won’t be salvageable then.

19 Oct 2008 - 23:597037
WOAH Angelphie! You're like the wig guru! I also have a 40+ inch long wig, it's not really tangled yet, but the thought never even crossed my mind! I shall have to invest in some of these magical substances you recommend! Thanks for that!

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20 Oct 2008 - 06:387039
Thank you so much.
Me and my mum have started to detangle the mess (we also discovered a long that way that applying fabric conditioner to the tips helps to prevent fraying/frizz) it's taken us 3 hours to do half the wig so far, but we plan to finish tonight so I can re-straighten it (it's gone a bit wavy). It's a cosworx wig, and I payed a damn lot for it D:

Just Remember, Internal Perfection Is Just A Quick Finance Away.
20 Oct 2008 - 13:307052
I was going to post something helpful (having just packed my sailor venus wig for con!) but Angelphie is right on the money! (as usual!) ;p

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