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16 Oct 2008 - 19:236940
Project - Maybe
yes yes I lurk every so often

I need opinions and talks because you guys know bout it more than my other peers

Basically a little info on myself and how it begins:

I am a graphic designer, next edicational year I will be entering my final year where I will create my own work briefs to work from to obviously, design.

Now I have an obvious interest of Anime (and everything else Japanese (well almost everything...)) and of course anime leads to cosplay.

Cosplay is also linked to Lolita

And hence forth my idea

to design a first and proper Lolita store (don't bash me with "I know a store" yes I know a store of some sort in Afflecks Palace in Manc but I mean...on the scale of Topshop before they got too rich)
I'd design everything from Interior, exterior, website blah blah design words here blah blah blah

[ edit - forgot to say...no I won't be designing the clothes, instead they'd be 'imported' but thats not an issue here as of yet (and if it is an issue thats for me to take up sadly) ]

what I am partaking in currently is a placement year and I attended a session 2 days ago. Now the woman said one girl did a focus group and said she got a thousand ideas

and so I thought... wouldn't it be great research to have a one day focus group for cosplayers to come in their attire and share and throw ideas

(of course food will be there...like sushi....and maybe...pocky?)

Comments puh-lease

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16 Oct 2008 - 21:236942
ye i think its an awesome idea id certainly love it

17 Oct 2008 - 10:346947
You don't really want to import things in. There are lots of people who make lolita clothing in the UK, and selling our own brand would be really good for the UK economy in the long term.

British clothing has the reputation for being good, and I think that a lot of Lolita stuff is very poor quality due to the fact that it is imported. Most of my stuff either has to be made, or is found in charity shops.

I think that the idea of very high quality gothic/lolita clothing produced in the UK is very marketable. I know it's considered a Japanese phenominon, but the actual style of clothing was originally western, so we have an edge there.

Sorry if this comes off as too ranty about import clothing, but I watched a program on the economic crisis last night. It's got me all "WE MUST PRODUCE OUR OWN EXPORTS IN ORDER TO GET MONEY BACK INTO COUNTRY".



17 Oct 2008 - 10:366948
And guh, I believe I read this wrong slightly.

Meh, this is just what I think a real lolita store in the UK should be like, so I guess it's an idea for your design. But I'm guessing you're probably going with the idea of just selling japanese fashion. Ignore me


18 Oct 2008 - 12:186964
lol don't worry that comment was very useful and I was thinking of maybe enlisting some british work in there but I feel from a certain point of view english deisgns don't have as much edge as the japanese (because its east lookin at west, not west looking at east looking at west)

but its very helpful and I will take it on board for definate, it sounds like a plan lol

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