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24 Jan 2012 - 17:5677882
Looking for quotes for bracers/arm armour for AC:Revelations Ezio cosplay
In the next few months I plan to buy an ACR Ezio cosplay I've been eyeing up. I love the look of it, it's a good one - except for the armour. The bracers are ok-ish I guess, but the armour for the right arm is abysmal. This is the costume I'm after.

Basically what I'm looking to commission is the two bracers, and the armour on the right arm - that is the armoured part at the elbow and the shoulder of the right arm.

Also if possible I'd like to get the various straps done as well, so it's all a matching material. So that would be the two chest straps for the pauldron and the fur pauldron, and the two belt straps.

Some reference pictures can be found here:

I'd be looking to pay for all of this in the next couple of months probably, and my deadline would be for London MCM Expo in May. If you're going to give me a quote, also please give two quotes - for just the bracers and armour, and for the straps as well as that. Thanks in advance!

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