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24 Jan 2012 - 15:2877874
West Midlands Photographer looking for local cosplayers
Hey Guys

New to the site. I am a professional photographer based in Walsall, West midlands. I specialise in Alt fashion, Pin-up and creative horror work, mostly working on location, but i do shoot studio work from time to time. But i am looking to do a couple of cosplay shoots if there are any folks local who are interested?

I am a mahoosive comic book geek and have a pretty huge collection, plus i love old school anime, jRPG's etc etc. so its about time i expanded into doing cosplay work too!

you can see my photography work on my website
www.darkslidephotography.co.uk as well as on my facebook page


I'm more than happy to do a couple of shoots for free to add to my portfolio as well as to give a couple of you guys some epic shots for yours too.

Particularly interested in Marvel / Top cow comic charas and video game charas too. But i may be interested in other cosplay styles such as Scifi or Anime

Anyone interested drop me a message on


24 Jan 2012 - 17:2777879
Ooh, we live in Walsall and my sister is heavily into cosplay! Mainly anime, but some computer games as well (e.g. Final Fantasy) I'll pass your details on to her.


I have no idea what you're talking about, but it's evident that your fantasies are completely incoherent.

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19 Nov 2012 - 22:1394183
Don't suppose you're going to Birmingham Memorabilia this weekend?

22 Nov 2012 - 21:5294290
Will you be going to Birmingham MCM next year?

22 Nov 2012 - 22:1094292
Re: photos
I should be at the Telford expo! But I normally cosplay anime :/

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