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03 Feb 2012 - 21:2178320
Luckily I get to travel in by car Phew! However I used to travel by train, I used to make almost everything on my costumes detachable so i could just put them together the other end like lego =P

04 Feb 2012 - 20:5678349
We've been lucky in that all our cosplays have been small so far, as indeed is the cosplayer, so they don't take up much room. Certainly no more than a change of clothes.

Mind you, for Expo Oct 2011, we let her travel up in costumes. No one batted an eye.....

04 Feb 2012 - 21:1478350
I live in Northolt, London so it does take some time by train to get to cons. and I wasn't that confident to travel in cosplay yet ^^
What I did was have my cosplay in a large bag and when i got to the con/expo by train I change there. It's a bit of a hassel
However, this years cosplay for May expo are sutible for the weather, and I'll don't think I will draw too much attention with them. So I will wear them on the way to Expo but wear my wigs and makeup when I get there


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04 Feb 2012 - 21:3478352
She was in her BSG blues. I think everyone thought she was in the scouts..

05 Feb 2012 - 21:4878409
Big suitcases, like most, sometimes very large/ bulky props have to be taken by hand, wrapped in bin bags to protect against elements, like my lovemachine helmet/mask whatever that thing I made was...helm maybe? not sure I'd do that gain though, was bricking it the entire train ride to Aya that part of it would snap off.

09 Feb 2012 - 21:4878640
I rarely forget things and it means that when all our group members come in to my hotel room asking "have you got a...", I generally have it, and a spare. It's no wonder some of them call me mum.

lol its nice to know there are other people like me! When I go away I tend to pack everything and the kitchen sink so I have spares of everything. My friends always call me mum ha ha
This year for may expo I will be taking extra supplies because me and my sis will have breakable parts of cosplay and I have to have supplies unless the worst happens!

Me and my sis usually drive down in the car, it takes a few hours but its better than getting a train coz u have more space to shove stuff and we always go halves on petrol and parking tickets etc so it doesn't work out too expensive.
I suppose we are lucky that we can fill the car with stuff but there still never seems to be enough space, I am especially not looking forward to this year as my costume and prop are so big lol but until reading this thread I never really thought how many of you have to cram onto trains and other forms of public transport with all your cosplay bits! I guess it does affect what you choose to cosplay because I dont think I would pick big cosplays if I had to carry it all!

For me and my sis we always buy a good suit/dress bag to put your main costume on a hanger inside to keep it looking nice XD and then everything else just gets shoved in the boot or in the back. We usually stay overnight so we can come to expo both days and we take a lot of stuff into the hotel room which is funny to see peoples faces when u walk past with random cosplay items ha ha

I definitely respect you guys who have to use public transport, props for not damaging anything in transit!!

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