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14 Oct 2008 - 07:516896
Anyone else in the Sandwell area?
Hey folks.

I dont know if weve had a topic about anime/manga/cosplay fans in birmingham (Wouldnt be surprised)

But the only problem is, I find 'Birmingahm' is too vague. I can say Im from birmingham, just because its really easy to get too.

So, I was wondering if there is anyone else out these in the sandwell area.
(Blackheath, Dudley, Oldbury, West Brom, ect)

just figured itd be nice to see if theres anyone else more local to me then just birmingham.

Current projects:
My Almost Perfect Life - Written out story draft, converting into script.
Netherworld Chronicles - Initinal planning finished, writing first draft.
Urban Warfare - Researching and planning
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