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13 Oct 2008 - 00:306869
Suggestion: Cosplayer Locator
I think it'd be neat if we had a way to discover if other cosplayers lived near by. If we could search cosplayers by location, or if everyone could pin themselves on a map (e.g. http://pininthemap.com/), you could find out who lived near you, which would be convenient for organising meet-ups or just generally for socializing.

I know a lot of people would probably be uncomfortable with saying where exactly they lived, so of course a feature like this would be optional, but I think it'd be neat~ I'm itching to find out if there's other cosplayers in Glasgow that I'm unaware of!

Sorry for the general incoherency of this post XD; *tired*


13 Oct 2008 - 01:386872
yeah that's a good idea =) personally wanting to know if there's more Edinburgh cosplayers I'm only 1 I know I assume there's more hiding somewhere =)

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29 Oct 2008 - 20:457337
This is something we've got scribbled down as an idea actually, although obviously working out the logistics of it is slightly different

Helping to find cosplayers near to you is one of the aims of this site, this would certainly make it easier.

As you said - what we'll say for definite is that if we put this in it will be completely optional and that it would only show the location as the city. (e.g. we wouldn't allow people to mark their street, only the city they live in.)
As with all things that will require a fair bit of work to integrate with the site we'll look into how well we can do this and put it in our site update if/when we can do it

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