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09 Jan 2012 - 15:5777089
Faux Fur?
So basically I'm planning to do Korra for May Expo... and I really need a website or something that sells faux fur at a reasonable price. I've had a look around and not had much luck, so I guess I'm just hoping that someone here knows somewhere.

If you need it, here's a reference image...



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09 Jan 2012 - 17:3777100
I found this:


Which is from a site I used before, so I can vouch for them being reliable.

Or this:


Which I found linked from a LARP community site and I haven't used before.

Don't know if either of those were exactly what you were after but I thought they looked like they may work.

09 Jan 2012 - 18:1277106
Thanks a lot, those links were very helpful.

09 Jan 2012 - 18:2377110

The fur there is pretty good quality, although the K2, R1 and R2 are not good quallity furs...

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