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07 Jan 2012 - 11:0076985
Buying fashion for larger people
So I decided to post here rather than in the costume related forums, since I want this information for non-cosplay purposes. I also feel this should be a thread that you all can use if you are struggling to find something, but have no idea who to ask!

My main purpose for this post is to ask everyone here for their expert opinion on where I can get cute (possibly lolita, but fairy kei is preferable) for someone with somewhat chubby legs (me) Everywhere I know sells "one sized" socks, which never fit. So, anyone able to help?

If this is in the wrong place then I apologize!

09 Jan 2012 - 21:4477133
I'm sorry if this is me just being really derpy but are you looking for just socks or full costumes..? D;

My slow little mind isn't having a good time right now... >_O But I might be able to help because I have the same funfun problems. xD

20 Jan 2012 - 22:1277687
I'm just looking for socks personally. I don't really have a problem with much else

*was hoping for more people jumping in than this..*

20 Jan 2012 - 22:4477689
Generally because of the cotton content in most socks the 'one-size fits all' approach most stores and businesses take is the cheapest option. Sadly with having them tailor made it's hard to find a set of socks that could fit properly.

However if you look for socks that generally have a higher elastine content then cotton or polyester you'll find you'll get a better fit. Places like m&s are ok but you'll have to look online specifically for things that are within a narrow market such as this.

I've had problems fitting things like this and trousers for women with larger thighs so I can totally understand the pain in the neck situation! Hope this has helped!

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