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07 Jan 2012 - 01:2276971
sewing pattern help please
hi guys i hope you had a good christmas and new year i was hoping some one on here might be able to help. For the May Expo i am wanting to do Lulu from Final fantasy X and i want to buy a sewing pattern for a skirt with a train at the back. however the pattern i had before that was used for my bridesmaid dress is a bit too tight for my waist now T_T
so i wondered if anyone knew where i could get one thanks guys i really appreciate the help

07 Jan 2012 - 04:1276980
You can still use the pattern that you have, all you have to do is make it wider.

Tape together some newspaper and lay out the pattern on top, calculate the difference and draw however extra inches around the existing pattern and cut it out if your heart is set on using that particular pattern. Alternatively if you still have the packaging and know the make and code, you could track it down online in a bigger size.

I've done a bit of digging for some patterns you could buy online if you want to go for a new one, and you probably already know that you'll need to add on the sleeves yourself as bridal dresses dont tend to be big on having them. I tried finding dresses with a similar neckline so you can easily attach your sleeves.

I've used this one before:

Follow this link and its the pattern shown at the bottom:

I thought this one might be good as it has the train and that youre after, and you dont have to put on all the detailing, though from what I understand Lulu already has some on the hem of her dress:

and a few other vogue patterns thrown in for good measure

Hope there's at least something in there that will do the trick. Have fun!

10 Jan 2012 - 15:4077159
thanks for the help i really appreciate it

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