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06 Jan 2012 - 23:1976966
I have a phobia of wigs......
So im going to come out and admit it, I have a phobia of wigs. I want to wear one for my cosplay, but im nervous I won't even be able to TOUCH it, and it will all be a waste of money......

I believe this phobia comes from WAY back to when I was around 4-5 years old. Every Monday my school would choose someone to wear this horrible,Grey,curly,tangled,dirty, wig on their head, The sight of put me in complete fear, one day I was chosen, But thankfully I refused to even move or go near the thing (despite the teachers trying to get me to) The whole thing kind of scarred me for life. Ever since then I scream if a wig touches me >___< Any advice?

06 Jan 2012 - 23:4576968
Think of it this way, the one from back then was repulsive, and I actually don't blame you for flat out refusing to wear it, as I would have done the same thing. Some people dont care about sharing things, especially as kids.

However if you were to buy one for yourself it would be completely unused by anyone before you. It would have been made, bagged up and shipped to you with minimal handling, then you'd be able to do whatever you like with it and improve the quality of your cosplays!

Maybe it would be easier to take it in smaller steps, like have a short wig first if you're afraid of it tangling up or maintenance. For example, my first with was Sakura Kinomoto, so really short and I had to worry about it even less than my normal hair which is butt length. You even start to forget it's there. You dont have to make your first time wearing it the day of the con. Try it out a bit at home first, maybe for half an hour to get the feel of it, or with a friend and mess about a bit. Make sure you research proper wig care as well and think of them as little plastic fibres of love :3

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06 Jan 2012 - 23:5876970

That makes me feel alot better! Thanks ^__^!

18 Jan 2012 - 15:4177560
Wow, I've never heard of something like that before XD I know people try to avoid wearing them because they're itchy and maybe suffocating but hey-ho. They're not bad to wear at all. They're itchy at first when you first wear one, but you get used to it and forget it. Start off with a nice soft one (made of 100% kanekalon fibres). And then maybe handle it a bit so you get used to handling it on the skin...

18 Jan 2012 - 17:0477567
Sorry to hear about your truble with wigs.

I would say ordering a nice one (get a good one fron China, not from a fancy dress shop) is a good way to go. I personally like running my fingers through a new wig - it's so soft and silky - just stroking your wig for a while before you put it on might help you get used to the feel of a proper wig.

In case you're looking to get a wig, here's a thread about where people have gotten good wigs from:

Best of luck overcoming your phobia ^_^

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