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05 Jan 2012 - 20:0076878
Sugar Sugar Rune wig help pleease
Im planning a cosplay of chocola from sugar sugar rune http://bareriicons.blogspot.com/2010/12/sugar-sugar-rune-images.html (the red head character)
the wig looks pretty daunting but ive found a tutorial that seems decent and pretty sure ill be okay constructing it. this one, http://www.cosplay.com/photo/1896722/
Howeverr, im not sure where to buy the wig from, as i'll need wefts or loose fibre in the matching colour. How much extra hair do you think i will need to cover the polystyrene? Also, because chocola has her hair down with the buns ontop wont making pony tail stubs to attach the balls to cause the wig underneath to show through? how could i counter act this?

Thanks guys xx

05 Jan 2012 - 21:1276885
I'd say you'll need to buy 2 to 3 wigs to acomplish this ( http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_jDLzy5Nuu74/TQFzpIlz9kI/AAAAAAAAABw/mhwXFnkM0Dw/s1600/sugar4.jpg it is this one right?)

You'd probably get away with just using this wig for the odangoes and base/stubbed wig with quiff: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Super-Long-48-in-Pumpkin-Orange-Hair-Wig-FP58-/250849550425?pt=US_CSA_MWA_Wigs_Extensions&hash=item3a67cc6059

However, you may still need another wig for the extra loose hair. You can get a shorter wig of the same colour from the same seller.

This: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/21-in-Long-Wavy-Orange-Hair-Wigs-CL58-/250819388860?pt=US_CSA_MWA_Wigs_Extensions&hash=item3a660025bc

This: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Long-27-in-Straight-Pumpkin-Orange-Hair-Wig-W58-/260810065456?pt=US_CSA_MWA_Wigs_Extensions&hash=item3cb97dc630

Or this would be good probably: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Long-23-in-Wavy-Pumpkin-Orange-Hair-Wig-FL58-/250833035085?pt=US_CSA_MWA_Wigs_Extensions&hash=item3a66d05f4d

05 Jan 2012 - 21:4776887

Yup thats the one, sorry didnt realise the link didnt go direct to the picture.

i really like the colour of those wigs, and they seem to look quite nice and thick

Hmmm, i think the problem is going to be parting the wig to create the stubs, surely its going to show up all the wig cap and stuff? unless its a really thick wig.
and how could i make pony tails for the stubs but still leave the hair she has hanging down :/ i could just make the stubs out of mini sort of pony tails but i'd worry they wouldnt be very secure

i may leave out the quiffy bit, i know it will be inaccurate but i think its going to look horrid on me like that, lol!

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05 Jan 2012 - 22:1676890
Basically if you wear the shorter/unstyled wig underneath the styled/odangoes wig or sew all the wefts from the former wig into the latter, it shouldn't show anything.

05 Jan 2012 - 22:2876891
Quote Pudding:
Basically if you wear the shorter/unstyled wig underneath the styled/odangoes wig or sew all the wefts from the former wig into the latter, it shouldn't show anything.

oooh i get it now! sewing wefts is torture! haha, but if needs be thanks for your help.

Do you think i could use one wig on the bottom, with the stubs for the odangoes... then put another longer wig ontop & poke the stubs through the top wig cap. secure the two wigs together then attach the odangoes from there?
just a thought! that way i could use the left over hair from making the stubs to cover the odangoes too.

06 Jan 2012 - 13:0976914
Another thought i've had..
I could make the odangoes and glue some strong hair clips to the bottom then clip them on the wig? or sew them onto the wig? i dont think that would put too much pressure on the wig, since they wont be very heavy?!
i need your input peopleee

07 Jan 2012 - 02:2876977
Yes, I think that you could easily make the odangoes clip-on.

07 Jan 2012 - 10:3476981
great ill give that ago

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