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09 Oct 2008 - 21:336787
Bootcover Advice?
Hey guys.
I'm making my first pair of bootcovers and i'm wondering how to attach the fabric to the actual boot, I should be able to sew the fabric round the top as the boot material at the top isn't that thick.

Although at the bottom I want to make sure there secure, is there anyway I can make sure they stick to the boot without sewing them. I was thinking fabric glue, but I didn't know whether it would go all bubbly ect.
Any ideas? =D


09 Oct 2008 - 21:446788
I simply use the good ol' hot glue gun!
It's the only thing I've tried, so I'm not much use there xD; I'm sure fabric glue would work as well though ^_^

10 Oct 2008 - 05:396791
Hot glue, velcro and elasticating the bottom are all things I'e tried that work. It depends on the fabrics involved and the boots themselves which one works best.

10 Oct 2008 - 09:266795
Agreeing with the hot glue, it’s a good bet because it’s flexible, so will continue to stick when the shoes flex as you walk. Fabric glue also flexes, but I can’t see it being strong enough, nor sticking well to the actual shoe - although that depends what your shoes are made of.

Alternatively, impact adhesives like Araldite can work on the same flexible principle, and they’re stronger glues too. Depending on the surface of the shoe you’re putting the covers on, you might need to sand it first to help glues stick. This is important if it’s a patent leather or similar.

This will depend on the shape of the shoe you‘re covering, but you could make an entire cover that goes over the sole of the shoe too. Then the whole thing goes over the shoe like a sock, and there’s no need to attach it at the base. Obviously you’d need to strengthen the sole section - use a tough fabric, or nab the soles of a cheap pair of slippers (I may have done this…) but it works nicely!

10 Oct 2008 - 11:016798
Never thought about that.
Thanks for all the advice guys! I think i'll use a thin line of fabric or hot glue it a bit around the bottom.


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