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27 Dec 2011 - 22:3276442
End of Year Cosplay Sale - Tsubasa & More!
I came home for Christmas to find that my costume rail had collapsed under its own weight! In order to prevent the death of my shiny new costume rail, a bit of a clear out it needed!

IMPORTANT: I currently live in Norway and most of my costumes are stored at my parents’ house in England. I'm returning to Norway on the 4th of January, if you are interested in anything below, please express interest by the 2nd if you want something shipped before I head back. I'm likely to be able to send things out around the end of February or Easter time, so don't hesitate to get in contact if you’re interested after the 2nd.


All costumes will be cleaned before being posted!
My measurements for reference are:
Bust -89cm
Waist- 70cm
Hips - 86cm
Height - 165cm
I'm generally shop size 8/10

Please PM me if you require more photos, I can get you close ups of the costumes if I am still in England, but I also have plenty of old my pictures on my hard drive.
Costs do not include Shipping, Please contact me for a shipping quote. I’m also open to offers.

Sakura - Dream Dress - Tsubasa


Based from the Clamp artwork, this dress is made from white chiffon and lined in white cotton. The front section is decorated by hand with couched applique and fabric covered shapes. The costume is completed with beaded drapes, necklace and petticoat. All seams are overlocked.

Includes: White dress, petticoat, necklace and waist drapes.
Fitting notes: Bust & Waist - Above, Hips - Free. This costume is a little tight on me, so please take note of the measurements above.

Notes: The costume is in good condition. As it trails on the ground it picks up some dirt, which is easy to clean but some small marks may remain.
Cost: £50
Extras: Sakura wig - £3 - Requires restyling. -SOLD
Extra chiffon fabric - free - included by request.

Mikhail Blanc - Macross frontier


A comfy costume that is perfect for lazy convention days. It's mostly made from altered clothing, but the wig has been styled with a fake hair line to accurately reflect Mikhail’s swept back style. The patch was designed and embroidered by me.

Includes: Shirt, trousers, belt, glasses, wig and tie
Fitting notes: Mostly XS male clothing, Bust, Waist - reasonably free, Hips as above.
Cost: £30

Sakura - CCS - 2nd Movie artwork version.

Based from Clamp artwork (Different colour scheme from the anime). Made from pink cotton twill and red cottons, the entire costume is finished with handmade gold bias binding. All of the wing designs have been appliqued on and the skirt includes a hidden petticoat.

Includes: Tailcoat, Skirt, shorts, gloves, hats, Sakura & Clow cards.
Fitting Notes: Please take not of measurements above. Hips free.
Notes: The hat requires some reshaping. There are two concealed zips in the back of the jacket. These were originally sewn in to allow the wings to be fitted into the harness.
Cost: £60 - SOLD
Extras: Sakura wig - £3 - Requires restyling. - SOLD
Boot cuffs - free (included at request) - removed from the old shoes you could easily hot glue them onto a new pair.

Jessie - Pokémon[/b]

A really fun costume to wear, but sadly the wig is no more due to a transportation incident….
Includes: Costume only: Jacket, Black top and skirt.
Fitting Notes: Tight on the hips, please note the measurements above.
Note: After washing the Red R has run into the white fabric a little. The skirt is also very short!
Cost: £10

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28 Dec 2011 - 21:2676505
Hello I am interested in just the Sakura wig if possible? And is Sakura's star staff available?


29 Dec 2011 - 17:1476550
I'm afraid the star staff broke a while back. I will look into the cost of postage for the wig for you.


30 Dec 2011 - 14:0676602
Pm'd Postage details


04 Jan 2012 - 14:5876820
Hi i'm interested in your CSS 2nd Movie Sakura cosplay,I am wondering when you will be able to ship it and also would it be possible to include the wings also?


04 Jan 2012 - 21:3676841
Wig arrived today, thanks!

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