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15 Dec 2011 - 03:2675943
Should I cosplay...
So I was thinking of cosplaying Kau from Togainu no chi, but I'm not sure if I have an okay body for it! Can I have some input? I am 5'5" and weigh 135 lbs, I'm just self-conscious and unsure whether it would look alright on me, or if I'd end up looking like a fool! What do you think, be brutally honest!


15 Dec 2011 - 10:4375946
Well I'm not much taller than you (1/2 inches) and weigh pretty much exactly the same xD If you feel comfortable cosplaying it then go for it, shape honestly has no impact in my costume view and whatever you look like your fine

I would only base it on whether your cool with wearing a slightly more revealing costume or not ^^

15 Dec 2011 - 21:5475985
Uhm, if you really want people's opinions on whether or not you'd suit someone, it might help if you were to post a picture of yourself so people could see your body type instead of just going on weight.

Personally, I just cosplay whoever I want, regardless of the fact that for some of them I'm a good foot too tall.

16 Dec 2011 - 02:1575998
Alright! Sorry I should have thought of that first >__<
Here you go! Side shot, Front shot

16 Dec 2011 - 03:5275999
I think you could easily pull it off
I'm going to add you on here so I can follow your progress, I don't think I've ever seen him done before.

16 Dec 2011 - 23:2076031
Go for it! I'd love to see how you do it!

17 Dec 2011 - 00:0076035
If thats what you wanna do then go for it

Alcon 2016

21 Dec 2011 - 04:1776200
I say that if you really truly want to cosplay this character then you should!! If it does end up bad at least you can have a good laugh about it later!! (that's what happened to my first cosplay attempt, it failed…badly!!) I think cosplaying should be fun so don't worry and I'm sure it will turn out fine!!

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