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29 Nov 2011 - 10:4475161
Sewing Patterns
I've tried using the search to find some help, but couldn't so i've resorted to asking you guys.

I'm about to start making my first quadsuit and to make things easier I'm looking for a pattern for the body suit part. I don't suppose anyone knows anywhere online that sells them or does them for free as I can't seem to find one

Also, if anyone has experience with making quadsuits, help would be greatly appreciated!


02 Dec 2011 - 23:0675361
When you say bodysuit do you mean a lycra catsuit like clingy, or do you mean a baggy fur suit? I saw a sewing pattern on eBay for fancy dress animal suits...

this one any good?

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03 Dec 2011 - 00:5275363
I dont know if you noticed by I did respond to your post in the ranting thread with a few bits of info that might help you out.

04 Dec 2011 - 12:4575404
Yes, that pattern is pretty sweet!
And yes, I did see that you responded, thank you

They're both great, thank you!

16 Dec 2011 - 10:3876004
The other option could be that you make a duct tape pattern to work with, there are a lot of stuff out there to help with that especially youtube, just search duct tape body suit or something like that

16 Dec 2011 - 10:4476005
I'll have to agree with SparklingMinx for this one. However I would recomend resting it out on a cheeper fabric to see if it works before doing it with fur

16 Dec 2011 - 23:2876033
I second everyone. The shape of your fur suit will depend on the shape of your foampadding and therefore it would be difficult to buy a perfect pattern.

1. make a quad specific duct tape dummy

2. Pad it to give the illusion of animal musculature as required.

3. Make your pattern. If it were me I'd do this by taking scrap fabric and pinning it around the duct tape dummy. Then I'd transfer the pattern to the fur. In fact I did do this to an extent.

4. Some people attach the foam padding to a tight fitting body suit. Some people glue the padding directly to the fur. You'll have to decide what works best for you.

16 Dec 2011 - 23:3276034
Grease Paper

Pencil/Ball Point Pen

An Item with a Similar base Structure design..

**note Grease Paper can be substituted for tracing paper of baking paper

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