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25 Nov 2011 - 18:2174968
Getting to a Con - the implications of 'heavy duty' cosplay?

So, I'm new to this - I'm working on my first cosplay pretty much as we speak (well, I have some paint samples drying on a piece of Sculpey anyway - and that'll do for a Friday evening!).

The cosplay I'm working on will involve prothetic ear tips and may potentially end up with eyebrow plastic and redrawn eyebrows. The costume itself needn't be too complicated to 'apply' though there'll be a cloak that may need some 'assembly' - and ditto a wig with some attachments that won't be suitable for travel...

So, this is my long-winded way of getting to this question:

How do you go about getting from the real world to being in costume?

In practical terms I can see stuff like eyebrow plastic and prosthetic ears taking a while to apply, and equally being impractical to travel in (at least, when you're making a two hour train journey). At the same time, do people spend hours doing 'makeup' and changing once they get to a Con?

How does it work? What have you done in the past? Personal experiences please! I'm not planning wearing it until May but I'm fretting slightly about this particular detail. Hell, I have to spend enough time in front of a mirror just to look normal - let alone to prep a cosplay!

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25 Nov 2011 - 18:3574971
The way I usually run is to try and pile up as much of the costume as possible (Like shirts, trousers, jewellry, jackets..) underneath a loose shirt and skirt/flared trousers or something. The rest goes in my bag and I sort myself out in the convention entrance. Usually if you ask, someone will be nice enough to help you sort everything out. That's always been the case asking people to help me tie up my Yuna sleeves. C:
It also means that after the con, you can just swapsy-change and go home in your daily clothes.

As for makeup though, I don't know. D: I haven't had a character yet that needs anything complex adding on... If I had to, I think I'd probably get a hotel as near the convention as possible, so you can faff in the bathroom there and then just run across once you're happy. Most conventions are near hotels, or somewhere to stay at the least. Either that, or just nab a taxi and scare the driver. x3

25 Nov 2011 - 22:0574989
For me it depends on the cosplay. Some I travel in, others I travel in part of.

Rikku X-2: I wore a fleece over the top and carried the sleeves, scarf and belt in a bag.

Ashelin Praxis: I wore Ashelin all the way from home to Expo (an hour and a half). This cosplay involved fake tatooes on my face and rather long prosthetic ear tips. It would have taken too long to put on at Expo and I prefer the privacy, space and lighting of my own bathroom when it comes to make up. It was a lot of fun to wear on the train. I stopped a child crying and made him laugh and a random elderly couple complimented me on my creativity.

Tinkerbell: I felt like a 50s housewife in this one. I wore a large black coat over the top of the cosplay.

Shuichi: Worn from home

Rin: Worn from home

Selphie: Worn from home

Crying Beauty: Drove to Expo so I travelled in cosplay. otherwise I would have changed on site. I have no intention of wandering around London is nothing but a skin tight body suit that looks like suspenders, stockings, a thong and a corset.

Crying Wolf: Let's not go there.

So in summary, what you are comfortable doing and how cumbersome your cosplay is are the key factors in deciding whether you wear your cosplay to travel.

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