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18 Nov 2011 - 20:1474594
I'm doing FFX-2 Rikku (thief) at Kita on the Saturday during the day and was wondering if anyone was planning on doing Paine and Yuna from X2 on that day at Kita?

I'd love to get a group together! If I did I'd definitely seek out a photographer for a photoshoot?

Rikku- FuriePhoenix
Paine- Nomes
Yuna- Blobfish
Gippal- codename

Photographer- RenDMC

EDIT: Editing the title ever so slightly to see if we can make this group even more into a Final Fantasy X-2 group as well as being YRP ^_^


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18 Nov 2011 - 23:3674607
I'm going to try my best to do Paine for Kitacon as well my othe rplanned cosplays. Just because of you I've already dug the pieces I made a start on way back when out from the back of the cupbaord.

19 Nov 2011 - 10:5874620


22 Feb 2012 - 11:5479440
I'm happy to play photographer for you if you like? =]

22 Feb 2012 - 12:1079443
Oh wow! That would be so amazing!

I'll confirm with Furiephoenix, the organiser of the group, later but I think she'll be thrilled at the offer. Thank you so much.

I can also confirm that we now have a Gunner Yuna in the form of blobfish so we have the full YRP contingent!

22 Feb 2012 - 12:1979448
awesome! always happy to take pics =D I'll probably be wondering around with Amy (blobfish) most of the time anyhoo so it'll be easy to find y'all =]

23 Feb 2012 - 10:4179507
Hey that would be awesome if you could be our photographer and if you're walking around with blobfish who will be our Yuna thats even better and nice and easy for everyone!!


24 Feb 2012 - 18:1579627
I'm happy to =D
as long as you guys have a few ideas of pose/photos etc. cos I full on derp when it comes to ideas XD

05 Mar 2012 - 20:5780239
we'll think of something I'm sure! lol

I was thinking mostly re creating the signature YRP poses the three of them do and like battle-style poses etc?

I dont know what Nomes and blobfish think but thats the sort of thing I was thinking


05 Mar 2012 - 22:0380244
Sounds good to me ^_^. I'm usually a bit useless at posing, lol.

Really looking forward to this ^_^

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06 Mar 2012 - 19:5980313
I'm looking forward to it too! I just hope my wig turns up in time!


08 Mar 2012 - 16:0780418
Ooh this thread is growing!

I might as well give an update as well.

I've been uhming and ahing for months now about mutilating a gorgeous pair to boots to turn them into Paine's boots. I think I will brace it this weekend.

Belts complete

Top at 95%

Trousers at 85%.

Choker complete.

Base necklace - I succumbed and bought one due to time constraints though I will have to alter the chain.

Sword: 40%

Suspenders: elasticated trouser attachments to be added

Paine out!

08 Mar 2012 - 16:1580419
My Yuna costume is finally fully finished - added some loops on the back of the belt to hold the newly-completed guns. Just got to learn to manage long amounts of time in my heels now

11 Mar 2012 - 15:2380564
My rikku in total is like 85% complete .

Daggers- 70% complete: I'm currently as I type waiting for the paint to dry on one of my daggers so I can continue work on the silver edging and bringing out the detailing on it. I need more masking tape for the other one to thicken it before i can go into painting it

Top- 95% just need to get grommets for the centre lacing

Skirt- 95% complete, again need grommets to do the detailing on it

Sleeves- gotta wait until im paid to get fabric for them, unless mom finds something at her work that I can mutilate to turn into her sleeves ^_^

Wig- purchased, just waiting to receive in the post then I can grab a headband from claire's due to time restraints for it.

everything else (aka gloves, belt and pouches, boots)- Nomes is letting me borrow from her Rikku = she is an angel!


21 Mar 2012 - 14:1281186
Woot, this is turning into a FFX-2 group! ^___^

Nomes said about possibly a Tidus joining us, an X-2 Lenne and if I'm right someone else? Also we found possibly a GIPPAL!! woot woot!!


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21 Mar 2012 - 14:1981188
Lenne: http://cosplayisland.co.uk/costume/view/55412

21 Mar 2012 - 14:2181189
Tidus: http://cosplayisland.co.uk/costume/view/49087

It's probably worth confirming with Lenne and Tidus before adding them to the list.

21 Mar 2012 - 15:3681195
good point lol


23 Mar 2012 - 21:1181337
spoken to the Tidus going, and she's up for photos with us as a X AND X-2 joint photos and stuff. Hopefully we'll get the girls she's with to join us too!


24 Mar 2012 - 14:4981356

I have to get all my excitement out now before a day of serious expressions on Saturday

24 Mar 2012 - 17:2181362
looooooooool!!!! Yes Paine- you must be serious!! lol


05 Apr 2012 - 19:5981903
Looking at Kita' timetable, I was thinking of doing the shoot at 3pm for say half an hour til 3:30pm? I thought this time because I personally wanna visit the two panels that are on before this time, andat 3pm there's a wig panel, then 4pm its the masquerade which I would think most people would wanna start queuing up for at least half hour before to try and get a decent-ish seat.

Is this okay with everyone?


05 Apr 2012 - 20:0381904
Well I was going to go to ... *ahem* a panel at 3, but I suppose as long as it's not at the same time as the competition (still dunno when that is) I'm OK with it ^_^

05 Apr 2012 - 20:2081909
he wig panel is at 3 and the competition is at 4pm... and the two panels before the wig one are 2 id love to go to as im rubbish with patterns and wouldnt mind to learn more about prop making...

and im sure we all would like to see the masquerade... so i dont know when is the best time to do the shoot unless we do one in the morning...early-ish before all the panels?


05 Apr 2012 - 20:3281910
The pattern panel ends at 2, and the wig panel starts at half past. If no-one wants to go to the wig panel we could always have the shoot at 2-ish. If someone wants to go to the wig panel or anything else at that time we could have it in the morning instead.

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