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18 Nov 2011 - 08:5774544
Bargains, tips and places to buy!
I'm not sure if this thread will take off, or if anyone will be remotely interested. But I'm currently compiling my Christmas list to save my family having to ask me every 10 minutes what I want.

I've come to a stumbling block. I'm wanting to stock up on my anime collection, the only problem is I'm not sure where to buy them. I've done Amazon/Play but some of their items are sky high in price.

So, down to the actual point of the thread. I thought it'd be a cool idea for everyone to put where they've found bargains, tips on buying and where a safe place to buy from is.

I'll start, even though my list is short!


18 Nov 2011 - 09:4274546
Yes Asia often have good discounts across anime, games and music with free postage. Just remember to always allow a few weeks for your items to arrive

18 Nov 2011 - 11:0874553
in regards to games, ShopTo.net is the best place I've ever used. If you buy a game before 5pm it'll get to you the next day with no postage fee. And pre-orders near enough ALWAYS come a day early (I got skyrim early, BOO YAH). I think you can get next day tracked delivery too for free!

I'm kinda fussy about where I get my anime stuff from cos I'm very wary of fakes. DVDs and manga I always use united publications unless there is job lot of manga selling on ebay from someone ^^

aaaand as far as cosplay is concerned, poundstores are a freekin godsend. Summer time they sell £1 camping mats (FOOOOAM I made my Zagi boots out of camping mat foam from ze pound store!!) they also have glue, wire, batteries etc all for £1 ^^ tis ossum tbh! great to go to for ideas and stuff to make props on the cheap!! ^^

26 Nov 2011 - 18:0675023
As above, £1 shops are a beast to get all sorts of stuff. Even if you buy some cheesy shirts or some foam mats, you can pull 'em up and mess around to make cosplays. Beats spending ages in fabric and DIY stores sometimes.

Another good place to get some good clothing help is any local charity shop... Prices are usually cheap, you get a good array of stuff that changes almost daily (come in every two weeks and the whole stock is revamped usually), and it's usually going to a good cause. I used to volunteer-work at them, and you get first pick before the customers.. xD Like it, want it, keep it, buy it..

Aaaaaaaaand concluding my essay (wut), some good places to buy complete cosplays. Cosplaymagic.co.uk was the source of my first cosplay. Beautiful material, awesome shipping time, and nice to deal with, though the costumes sometimes aren't exactly accurate.
Ebay is also a nice place, just be sure to look at the seller's feedback to make sure you're getting it from someone trusted. Obviously if people say it's badly made or never turned up a lot, don't go anywhere near it. C: I found that you can sometime half the prices of cosplays and materials on Ebay if you look hard enough.

Well. Essay over. *tardface*

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