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17 Nov 2011 - 17:0774489
Body Paint
Ok A cupple cosplays Im going to do in the future will involve full body make up/paint. Any advice on good, stay put makes and aplying it. One costume will mean I need red skin, the other white.
I was thinking would aplying it with a spray gun, a bit like fake tan, but would it be way to thick to aply that way. I have a spray gun and a compresser, Its mainly used to to spray cars I was going to use that, but obviusly using clean aquipment. Which makes me think why they havent already made spray body paint in a can, maybe they have no idea lol
Ideas?? I would be ever so grateful.

Luff you
18 Nov 2011 - 10:3974549
The technique you're referring to is called "airbrushing" and they do indeed make body paint to do it. Since you're going for full coverage rather than detail I *imagine* your current airbrush would be OK, but I've no experience with it personally so don't take that as gospel.

However I've been told by people who work in the makeup industry that airbrushing actually tends to be better for detail work than large coverage.

Also, are you planning to bring your airbrush and compressor to the event, or are these costumes planned for just photoshoots? Taking all the equipment along seems like a lot of hassle when there are plenty of varieties of makeup that don't require airbrush application.

Personally I've used Grimas creme makeup in the past, and I know companies like ScreenFace and Charles Fox do a variety of creme makeups that are very easy to apply with a nice smooth, even finish. The creme and oil-based makeups are good as they have great staying power and won't come off with sweat, but require specialist remover and fixing powder or spray to keep it from marking everything you touch.
There is also water-based makeup, the most famous and easily available brand being Snazaroo. I've found it's much harder to get an even coverage and it does rub off and come off with sweat, but will also wash off really easily in the shower.

There is also Pax paint, which is acrylic paint mixed with Prosaide adhesive. Great staying power, won't come off on anything you touch, but expensive for full coverage and also requires specialist remover. This is one of the professional methods.

Pros also used alcohol activated makeup which again, won't come off when you touch things, but is also expensive and needs remover.

I know plenty of people here have used Snazaroo and can give you tips on application. I used the Grimas makeup on my Mystique and Corpse Bride costumes and was very happy with it.

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26 Nov 2011 - 03:0575001
dont know if this will help much, but heres a less complex way

Add liquid craft glue (the white kind) onto
your skin. After dried, mix craft paint and basic lotion together. Then paint your desired pattern ontop.
Its good for a full arm tattoo/scars/those sort of things.

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