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16 Nov 2011 - 17:2074437
Eridan cosplay help ;_;
okey so, ive already got the scarf, shirt, cape and shirt.
All i really need help with is where to get an eridan wig and how to make the trousers.. :<
oh and, what could i use for his gill/fins? ;___;

06 Dec 2011 - 22:5675515
I would use fabric paint, be careful because some come out more shiny than others do. Try and find some matte fabric paint.

For the pants a lot of Eridans I know used duct tape to tape off sections of the pants for the stripes, then just painted them straight on.

You could also try getting a blue material and sewing on the stripes to some black pants. You wouldn’t be making them from scratch so it’s easier, but it may not look as good.

Unfortunately, I'm don't know how to go about making the gills/fins.

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13 Dec 2011 - 18:0175872
Don't fret you can purchase Eridan trousers from the Darkside store at Camden market and most of the Gothic stores there , they do them in thick or thin stripes .
There called BeatleJuice pants , if you only find them in white and black , dye them !!!!~

For his fins I recommend craft foam or felt as illustrated in these two tutorials



For his wig I recommend buying a black bobbed wig ( doesn't have to be from a cosplay store you can buy these anywhere ) and a Purple weft extension and using styling products style it into a widows peak style then add in the weft .

For his horns as they are larger I reccomend , wire and papier mache and then covering them with Fimo Air Dry light to add texture .

For his cape , go and look into the costumes section of a pattern book available in most fabric stores and finding a vampire costume and using that .

Hope I've helped , any questions don't hesitate to ask me

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