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03 Oct 2008 - 21:546616
Contact lenses help
Hi everyone,
This may sound silly, but I need some help with the contact lenses I intend to use hopefully for London Expo. I don't need help where to find them... I need some on help how to put them on :$. I manage to put them partially, but it always ends up with some bubbles inside it. I've looked on internet but I can't seem to get better. I still have a few weeks to practice. If anyone has had a similar problem I would appreciate very much any comment. I'm kinda desperate, lol.

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03 Oct 2008 - 22:096618
i might be able to help ^_^
i wear contacts alot, if you get bubbbles, all you have to do is try closing your eye and then using the back of your finger to stroke your bottom eye lid xD
it sounds weird, but it dose work, if that doesnt, you might be putting them in wrong >___<

Try pressing faily hard though when you stoke it so you move the bubble to the top and then i should work its own way out xD

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04 Oct 2008 - 09:196635
I make sure to douse contacts with the cleaning solution before I put them in. This gets them wet, so they slide on better.

Then what I do is immediately close my eye after they've settled, grab a towel and press it gently but firmly against the closed eye. It seems to help a lot, and will hopefully get any trapped air out.


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04 Oct 2008 - 10:176637
tnx very much for the help guys. I'm already making some progress . I think now I only need some practice >_>. Still have a few weeks (y)

My english sucks because hablo espanol :O
04 Oct 2008 - 17:266652
Quote hanagata:
tnx very much for the help guys. I'm already making some progress . I think now I only need some practice >_>. Still have a few weeks (y)

good luck with that ^____^

04 Oct 2008 - 23:026674
Like stated above, using your finger on your closed eyelid is the most effective way to position/smooth out contact lenses, try not to keep poking at it with your bare fingers as this could damage the contact lense or make it dirty (possibly leading to infection).

It also hurts less if you poke your eyelid rather than your actual eye. .

05 Oct 2008 - 09:566678
I've never managed to get an air bubble inside my contact lenses and i wear them everyday XD

When you put them in immediately close your eye and look to the left, right, up and then down with your eye closed. Open and do the same, the contact lens should be fine.

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06 Oct 2008 - 12:276690
I agree with the posts above (also having worn lenses for nearly a decade now) one good tip is when you are putting them in, look directly at your finger tip the whole time, that way they go on in the right place and you wont have to wiggle them around so much.

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06 Oct 2008 - 15:316695
i wear contact everyday and have never come across air bubbles. as said above make sure you let the lense settle in the eye first, looking down with your eyes closed normally lets it settle.

if your not used to wearing lenses i would get in practice now and build up how long they are in your eyes, so on the day your eyes are not sore from wearing them for a whole day.

07 Oct 2008 - 18:436731
tnx everyone for their tips. I'm getting better each day, lol. I envy the people that never managed to get air bubbles inside the lenses >_<. It shouldn't be that hard

My english sucks because hablo espanol :O
07 Oct 2008 - 19:506733
This is a great help as I really need to get contacts for my Yami Yugi cosplay, all I hoping is I don't chicken out of wearing them ^^;

18 Oct 2008 - 13:346972
contacts are nothing out of the normal, haha thats coming from someone who lives in them.....be yeah if you can get over touching your eye with your fingers then their great. got my coloured contacts last week,their pretty weird conpared to my normal ones, very freaky looking in the mirror and seing brown eyes and not my normal blue ones.

defiantly try contacts!


28 Oct 2008 - 17:527296
Hey guys, tnx to everyone who collaborated. I finally managed to put them on correctly two 2 before the expo, lol. tnx again.

My english sucks because hablo espanol :O
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