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13 Nov 2011 - 15:3174239
Cosplays/Final Fantasy Items/BJD For sale/
Yet another clear out to pay for new cosplays i have planned, and because i need a general clear out lol.

Firstly my Msd BJD - Lilium
She is a angel of dreams rao msd bjd, in perfect condition with face up already done. She is gorgeous however i have no time for her, and its not fair on keeping her beauty locked away in a box so i want her to go to a new home.
Along with her, she comes with the wig and eyes she has in the picture, she also comes with 1 lolita dollmore outfit, 1 pair dollmore trousers, 2 pairs dollmore leggins, 2 dollmore tops, 1 dollmore hoodie, 1 dollmore coat, 1 dollmore pair of converse, 2 other pairs of shoes, a pair of pjs and a long black wig (if i can find it)
Im asking for £220 because of all the expensive clothes she comes with and are official dollmore clothes.
Lilium comes complete with her box and her measurments are as follows

Height:44 cm

Circumference of head:18.5 cm

Circumference of neck:7 cm

Shoulder width:9 cm

Length of arm:13 cm

Bust:19 cm

Waist:14.5 cm

Hips:18.5 cm

Length of leg:23 cm

Circumference of thigh:11 cm

Circumference of calf:8 cm

Length of foot:5.8 cm


Recommend eye size: 12mm

Knee joints: double joints

Elbow joints: double joints

Body type: MT-Girl Version two

Final Fantasy IX Princess Garnet White Mage Cloak - £30
Made of a beautiful thick fabric, so will def keep ou warm lol, it is done up via the bow at the top and safet pins for the middle.
The costume also stretchs so it will fit a size small to large (8-14)

Nico Robin Skypiea - £30
My nico robin cosplay, It's in fantastic condition and is very very accurate to nico robins skypiea outfit.
I won't wear it anymore which is why im selling
You will recieve, Top, trousers, belt and armband

Kingdom hearts II rikku - £35
My fairy rikku costume, with wired scarf.
I paid very close attention to the scarf to ensure it stuck up and bounded.
Selling because i will no longer wear it. you will recieve.
Top, Skirt, Armwarmers, Leggins, Shoe covers and scarf
Will fit a size medium - large

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: Riza Hawkeye - $40
Riza hawkeye cosplay
Really comfy and one of my favourites, but i don't think i will wear it again.
This costume can be used for other fullmetal alchemist millitary people
You will reiece military jacket, military trousers and military back skirt

Final Fantasy Figure
Final Fantasy IX figures - £30 each

Final fantasy X figures - £40 each


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15 Nov 2011 - 20:1574396
I'm totally interested in the Yuna costume, how much including postage?

PM'd about it

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24 Nov 2011 - 19:5874920
Can't wait for the Yuna cosplay to come!!!

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27 Nov 2011 - 12:1075050
New items added, yuna costume sold


27 Nov 2011 - 15:2475054
I'm really sorry but how can you say that a piece of clothing will fit anyone who is a size 8 up to a 14? Either way, it's going to be really loose on a size 8 or really tight on a size 14. Even with the stretch there's no way it can fit both people properly. I'd rethink your clothing sizes otherwise you're going to have some very unhappy customers on your hands.

Good luck with selling though.

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