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03 Oct 2008 - 00:096599
Amecon Traveling Sketchbook
[btw...this is not retricted to just people who are going to Amecon ^_~]

The Travelling Sketchbook
Welcome to the Amecon 2009/10 Travelling Sketchbook!
Although we made a good donation of £120 from Amecon 2007, it was unfortunate that both Traveling Sketchbook’s never made it to Amecon 2008 due to mishandling of the current holders from this year’s Amecon. In this case, we will start the book as of now. So there should be no reason for those who wish to take part will never get to draw or having the excuse to delay the book.


TSB participants’ rules & Guidelines:

Adding yourself to the list.
To enter the Travelling Sketchbook (TSB), Mangamad will be keeping a list of people who will be drawing in this book. The following detail needed to PM him or e-mail with the title “Join the Travelling sketchbook” with the details as follow;

• Name
• Username (for topic listing purpose, unless otherwise it’s the same as name)
• Address
• Post Code
• E-mail (because once the Amecon forum is down, Mangamad won’t be able to contact you by PM)

This will be a first come first serve unless otherwise and make sure the details are correct. However, if you;
• Cannot afford paying a bit more for Recorded delivery
• Might end up delaying more than the required time
• Don’t agree with the guidelines below.
Then please don’t participate on this list. (More on other ways to participate in the Q&A)

If during that time you have move/relocated (example: moved to campus of a university, moved house), please let Mangamad know ASAP so he can update the record. Otherwise, the book will still be set to the address previously given by YOU.

We can expect more than one person from the same location as the <username> on the list, just as long as you give the other users name in the <username> detail as well as following the rules.

Once you received the TS, you will be given 4-7 days to complete your art before it move to the
next location but please send them as recorded mail to ensure the book will arrive to the next person in line. Also to the next person, who received the book PLEASE post on the topic to let everyone know that it has safely arrived so that Mangamad can give the current holder, the next person in line the next location.
If however:
• The 7th day is a Sunday for the current holder the TSB, you are automatically given the next day to send it off.
• The book was sent on a Saturday, expect the TSB to arrive Monday the soonest.
• The current holder has (Fallen ill, unable to draw from delays or so on), contact Mangamad and he’ll give an extension weather if it’s need or not.
• Lands on public holiday (example: Christmas) you are given an extinction/until the day the post are running again.
Mangamad will check up on those who fall it meet up with the reasons above and its current location. Remember, as the current holder, you’re responsible of looking after the TSB until it has safely arrives to the next person.
Tips: If you’re unsure on what you’re going to draw before the TS arrived, draw a mock up version.
Important Note: If the time comes when either the book is filled or A MONTH before the Amecon date, please send the book back to me ASAP.

Drawing rules
Right, now comes the part on what you can or cannot drawing in this Travelling Sketchbook but remember, it’s 1 person per page ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE PAGE…nothing more.

Drawing materials
The following items you can use;
• Pencil
• Colour pencils
• Fine liner
• Manga pens

The following items you cannot use;
• Marker pens
• Pens which can easily bleed to the next page

Now come the part that people that can and cannot draw in this book…sorry but rules are rules and that’s final.

You can draw the follow;
• Anime or Manga character/s (Example: From Bleach, GaoGaiGar and so on)
• Your Original character/s
• Chibi’s (aka Super Deformed)
• One page comic strip
• A member that you'll see from Amecon
• Amecon's mascot, Ame-chan

You cannot draw the following unless otherwise;
• NO Naked Anime characters. (This means no genitals revealed. It will mean that a censored block covering it be made or for female character skin tight suit that can pass)
• NO Hentai porn. (Same as above but with no sex scenes, gore, tentacles and so on)
• NO Yuri/Yaoi porn. (Same as above. Unless they are making love in underwear/clothed [Yuri] or wearing trousers [Yaoi])
Last of all
• NO STICKMEN!! (For the love of CRUD! Try to draw a proper human form for once!!)

Don’t forget to add your name & message on the front pages (again one person per line) and location it has been to at the back. We have left out the last page for people who want to test the materials they are using before they carry on with their drawings.

This new addition maybe harsh but buy not following the;
• Mailing requirement
• keeping more than the required days given (This includes not being in the address given at the time)
And even
• NOT returning the book before a month of the convention
You will automatically be added into the blacklist and banned from participating form the next Travelling Sketchbook. You are not only letting Mangamad down but those who worked hard drawing and waiting for in the book, including the donation we make from the TSB.

This ends the rules and announcement of the Travelling Sketchbook. Before we end, here’s some Q&A which my assistance Maylei will explain;

What is “The Travelling Sketchbook“?
The travelling Sketchbook (TS) is where one person draws their art on a page of the book, then sent off to another person. This will carry on until the book is full (if this is the case, another book will be sent in its place) or until it arrives close to the convention date.

Do I have to be an A class artist to draw in this book?
No, as this is open to any level of art talent. From ‘just a simple line’ to ‘otaku good’ artist.

I’m I allow to draw <pacific question> in “The Travelling Sketchbook”?
There are some restrictions to what people can and cannot draw in this book. “Drawing Rules” will follow. Please contact Mangamad if you are not sure about the art is considered acceptable.

Okay, how do I add my name to the list?
To add yourself to the list please refer to the “Adding yourself to the list” but please make sure you can follow the guidelines as it becomes YOUR responsibility of the book once you get hold of it.

Can I add <username/s> with me at the same time?
Yes. More will be explained in the “Adding yourself to the list”.

How will I know that I’m next?
Mangamad will post up to the first 15 people who are on the current list in order. Whether if the list is in two. (The current holder is excluded as it will be separate).

Why are there two books this time instead of the one TSB?
In many cases, there weren’t enough people to draw in the TSB before Amecon arrived and has been disappointed not to be able to draw in the book. Which is why the second book has come to be if one book happens to be delayed, as well as covering twice the amount of people taking part?

I live outside the UK, can I still take part of the TSB?
Due to the miss handling/unfortunate of one of the Travelling Sketchbook 2008, we have decided not to send the book outside the United Kingdom. This also means it would take even more time to make its way to your location and back.

So I can’t afford to pay recorded delivery/live outside of UK…is there another way I can still take part?
Actually…yes. You can draw on an A4 sheet of paper and add it to the book during the Friday of Amecon but, you still have to add your name & message in the book when you had it in.

If I was in the Blacklist, can I please be let back in to draw in the TSB?
No. Even if you beg to be let back in, there was a reason you was blacklisted in the first place. Read more under “Blacklist”.

Amecon forum is down, where can I find out if I’m next/how far from the list?
One step ahead of you, we will be putting a topic in the convention section in anime-england.net. That way, we can still keep track until the future Amecon forum is back online.

What will ‘Mangamad’ get out of this?
Nothing. Whatever this item/s generates during the Auction of the convention will be 100% donated to charity, and the lucky winner will have our drawing in one book/s.

If you have further questions regarding about the rules or any other queries, PM Mangamad but for now…get your art skills going and draw your best.

03 Oct 2008 - 05:366600
Ah Cool!

I was dissapointed that I didnt get too add to this years book, so I'll definately put myself down for this again given the huge amount of time for it all.

Current projects:
My Almost Perfect Life - Written out story draft, converting into script.
Netherworld Chronicles - Initinal planning finished, writing first draft.
Urban Warfare - Researching and planning
03 Oct 2008 - 08:396601
Quote MattDark:
Ah Cool!

I was disappointed that I didn't get too add to this years book, so I'll definitely put myself down for this again given the huge amount of time for it all.
One reason why we're avoiding the "I never got the book last ime" or similar...as it shouldn't.

03 Oct 2008 - 17:256609
this is such an awesome idea. so many artists' work in one book!

i have a question but will PM to ya! ^^

Amulet Dia - 100% Complete!
06 Oct 2008 - 15:516697
Quote Hexi:
this is such an awesome idea. so many artists' work in one book!

i have a question but will PM to ya! ^^
Happy to answer your questions.

19 Oct 2008 - 13:226996
Anymore people interested in this event?

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