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05 Nov 2011 - 19:1373831
Where can I buy EVA foam in large sheets?
As my thread title suggests, I'm in need of some fairly large sheets of EVA foam in varying degrees of thickness and was wondering if anyone knew where I might find some?

I've been looking around but I've actually never found people selling it in decently sized sheets, it's usually in small sizes and very thin or super thick.

Currently I need it for two projects which both involve making a breastplate, leg armour and boots and I'm thinking EVA foam is the way to go.

Oh no an elevator? I'm not gonna die in a box! you should always avoid elevators during a fire
05 Nov 2011 - 20:3673836

Depends how large you're needing but Pez' shop Coscraft might have what you're needing.

She may be able to get bigger, you might want to email the shop and ask unless she appears on here.

Hope that helps.

05 Nov 2011 - 20:5773837
That is actually perfect! Thank you! :3

Oh no an elevator? I'm not gonna die in a box! you should always avoid elevators during a fire
06 Nov 2011 - 18:3973877
Quote ArmyofTwo:
That is actually perfect! Thank you! :3

No problem at all. Glad to help.

16 Nov 2011 - 18:3574444
Thanks for the plug! Sorry I didn't see this last Sunday - if you were trying to access the shop between Mon-Wed, it was closed because of a massive site update, but it's accessible now.

17 Nov 2011 - 16:5774488
It looks like it been solved but just to put my two cents in I done alot of foam work with my predator costumes I used the realy thick eva foam tiles which come in quit large squares ruff oneside smooth the other (one tile would make one pannel for a body/bust armour i.e the front) and If I needed larger than that I brought the foam caming mats but can be quite thin. Draw back I found using foam costumes they dont take much punishment. The first one I made which was made completly out of camping mats (craft foam thickness) was way to thin and fell apart during the day even with a backing. My next one was made out if realy thick eva foam tiles and that held up very good. Its places where your going to crease like elbows, ancles and waist, are parts that tare, crincle and fall apart. So its worth paying close attenchon to those bits. I also used hot glue to assemble it which seamed to work well, but my fella told me that in the future I should pop rivit it too. I havent tried it yet so dont know how well that would work. You can also use that wonderflex to strenthen I never used it though, very expensive stuff. So Im on the look out for an alternative heat shrink plastic

Luff you
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