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04 Nov 2011 - 21:4573783
Nintendo Group MCM Expo May 2012
I just posted this to try and organise another Nintendo group for the next expo. The Legend of Zelda group was great in October and it would be really cool to organise a full Nintendo meet-up and photo shoot for May.

So... For me, Princess Zelda and Princess Daisy are definitely making an appearance ^.^ I might also be doing a pokemon cosplay. Is anyone else going as a Nintendo character?

EspaApparition as Princess Zelda (Zelda Twilight Princess)
or Princess Daisy (Classic Outfit Mario)
Merlin as Dark Link

EspaApparition as Princess Zelda (Zelda Twilight Princess)
or Princess Daisy (Classic Outfit Mario)
Merlin as Dark Link

EspaApparition as Princess Zelda (Zelda Twilight Princess)
or Princess Daisy (Classic Outfit Mario)
cranberrychocolatesundae as Link (Majora's Mask)
Merlin as Dark Link

Specific Day Unconfirmed
Quinzel as Postman (Zelda)

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05 Nov 2011 - 10:5573805
Hi, I should (as long as I stick with my current plans) be Link from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask on the Sunday!

05 Nov 2011 - 18:4373829
Hey that's great, looks like we have a bit of a Legend of Zelda group going on at the moment ^_^

05 Nov 2011 - 21:0473838
Ooh this looks fun ^^

I cant garantee just yet if I can go but If I do I'll be Donkey Kong on saturday and sunday!

05 Nov 2011 - 22:1773839
Ooh, I want to do the Postman from Zelda (may have to be a femme version...don't have the right waist:hips ratio for crossplay lol), just haven't found an event to match him to yet.

May try and get him done for May Expo so I can join in on this .


06 Nov 2011 - 16:4673869
Sounds good :3 I haven't seen the postman represented much, we're going to get a few great Zelda pics at this rate ;p I'll put you on the list.

Obviously all other Nintendo characters are welcome too ^_^

12 Nov 2011 - 22:4374226
Bump, any more Nintendo cosplayers?

28 Nov 2011 - 15:4475130
I will be there on saturday as donkey kong!

05 Dec 2011 - 15:3675444
I am thinking of taking Toadette to Expo in may x3 not sure of day yet - depends on what else I do x3


05 Dec 2011 - 17:0875448
I'm going as Link from either Skyward Sword or Wind Waker on the Saturday.
My friend might be going as Charizard.

05 Dec 2011 - 18:3775454
Im thinking of doing a Zelda from Skyward sword on the Saturday ^^

30 Dec 2011 - 22:4476622
Unfortunately by goin to kita I won't b able to do may expo, I was hopefully gunna cosplay sheik from ocarina of time... Will have to be Oct expo for me soz

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30 Dec 2011 - 22:4976624
I should be being Saria from Ocarina of Time on the Saturday ^^
Maybe Zelda (Skyward Sword) on the Sunday but not sure about that yet.

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30 Dec 2011 - 23:2476627
If I go, I will hopefully be cosplaying either FireRed/LeafGreen or HeartGold/SoulSilver versions of Green Oak from Pokémon. So either rival or Gym Leader, haha! Depends which I get done/which would be easiest to travel in to be honest. If not, I'll probably end up as HG/SS Youngster Joey.

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