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04 Nov 2011 - 15:4873758
Selling final fantasy/hell girl costumes
Hello!I'm selling my Azel from Magna Carta costume!
Here the pictures:
I worn only twice for private photoshooting.
I sell only the black pants, the black latex gloves and if you are interested the orange and black props on the back(it's like an armor)
Pants: italian size 44, uk size 12, made with black cotton, handpainted by me with orange, gold and yellow fabric's colours.
Gloves: made in black latex and craftfoam.
Armor: made with wood, plastic and acrylic colours.
total: 38£ shipping included
If you need some measurement, please tell me^_^

Enma Ai from Hell girl/Jigouko shojo (kimono version)
Black kimono made with cotton "capri"very soft and confortable!
All the flowers are handpainted by me.
Included: black kimono, voodoo doll, black wig, yellow waist band.
Not included: red and light blue obi, red and white kimono, shoes.
85£ shipping included

Yuffie: Sold!

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16 Nov 2011 - 16:3174436
new costume on sale!!

24 Nov 2011 - 15:2774907
New costume from Hell girl on sale!!

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