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02 Oct 2008 - 22:576593
a cosplay party idea

Myself and others are floating the idea of around New Year a cosplay party, probably in or around London. To see if its viable, we were wondering how many people, on here, would be interested, and how much would you be willing to pay for a ticket? The price would include entry to a venue with a bar, music and food.

14 Oct 2008 - 06:356894
Would be nice.

Only problem is, alot of places/people seem to organise things for around christmas/new years, so in my case, theres already one planned in birmingham.

Sounds like a nice idea though.

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28 Oct 2008 - 15:117291
I'd certainly be up for it! ^_^ I'm always looking for an excuse to cosplay! ^_^ And a party is a great idea! I'd definatley pay for a ticket, the cost has to be covered somehow!

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