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03 Nov 2011 - 23:1073720
Hai from Reading! ^.^
Hello (: I'm brand new to cosplay, I've only been to one con before which was the London expo just gone by, but I had a great time and now I really wanna cosplay, darnit! >:3
I live in Reading so I'd love to maybe get to know some other cosplayers or anime fans in or around the area as well as other cosplayers in general!
I have quite a few plans for cosplays I want to do next year as well as a Chihiro cosplay that won't take long to finish. But I'm not exactly 'great' on a sewing machine, heh ;S So hopefully I'll be able to pick up some tips and learn along the way ~
That's about it for now, pleased to meet you :3

04 Nov 2011 - 13:2273748
Hi, glad to hear you enjoyed the October expo ^.^ I'm about 2.5hrs from Reading but I'll be going to the MCM expo in May

04 Nov 2011 - 13:5973749
I usually live in Reading when I'm not at uni (about half an hour away) <3.

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04 Nov 2011 - 19:4173773
@EspaApparition - Hah, not so close then ;P but it would be great to see you in May! Me and my brother are coming up for the entire weekend and I'll definitely be in cosplay
and @Raven that's awesome :3 its cool to know there's cosplayers in my area ^.^/

04 Nov 2011 - 19:4573774
Hey Suuny! welcome to the site ^^ cool to know you went expo I did too

05 Nov 2011 - 15:2173821
Helloo (: and thanks! I hope you had a good time at the expo ~

05 Nov 2011 - 15:4773822
Heya! Welcome to CI! I live in Bracknell which is just down the road and I know another cosplayer who lives in Ascot so we are dotted about!

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05 Nov 2011 - 19:4973833
Hi and thanks! Yeah, Bracknell's pretty close by (:
HA - by the way, just read your sig and actually laughed outloud. Pffft, a phobia of genitals ;L

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