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03 Nov 2011 - 20:4373689
Hi ^,^

I'm not really new to cosplaying but I haven't done too much of the social side online before so I haven't been on a site like cosplay island.

I was just at the MCM expo October 29th as Twilight Princess Zelda. Next time I'm planning on doing Zelda again plus Princess Daisy from Mario and possibly Nurse Joy from Pokemon.

Meet-ups etc. are really welcome, especially for the Daisy/Joy cosplays as I'm not doing those with a group :3 But otherwise this is just a general heythere n_n

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04 Nov 2011 - 11:1373742
Welcome to cosplay island!

your Zelda cosplay looks amazing! ^^

04 Nov 2011 - 14:1073746
Hiya and thanks, it took a long time but I really love making dresses like that

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