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07 Jun 2012 - 21:5085695
Awesome, more people! I'll nudge Aragorn to update the list some time. XD

Ragin' Cajun
07 Jun 2012 - 22:0085696
Quote rogueofheart:
Okay, think I can confirm now that I'll be aiming to do Arwen on the Sunday (doing a different group on the Saturday), if we're looking at arranging shoots etc.

I'll get back to everyone about meeting up and photoshoots and such once I have a rough idea of who is coming when.

Which brings me to my next point - if everyone can let me and Taldur know which day they'll be cosplaying from LOTR, that'd be super helpful!

Note: this group is also over on the MCM forums. I've added everyone from this thread to the list over there, under your CI usernames.

Ragin' Cajun
07 Jun 2012 - 22:1285700
I'll be doing LOTR on the Sunday, Game of Thones is happening on Saturday =P

"I've always wanted to play the dying hero. But...really, not really, I don't feel good. "
25 Jun 2012 - 19:2886699
Update ^^

As my Sunday costume for Oct Expo is quite sizeable I've changed my plans around a bit. I'll be doing Council of Elrond version of Legolas. Not sure which day yet out of the Friday or Sat.

26 Jun 2012 - 09:0386719
Wow, niceee...

14 Aug 2012 - 20:3689322
Due to money issues, Aragorn (Taldur) and Legolas (myself) won't be attending the meet. I literally can't afford to get Legolas together and my friend might not even be able to get to expo itself, so...

Obviously you guys can still all meet up and take photos, etc, and if I can I'll head on down to take some photos of you all. It's just unfortunate but Amecon kinda drained my bank account... XD

Ragin' Cajun
16 Aug 2012 - 13:0789409
Sad to hear that .

I'm more likely to be part of this now as my costume plans have changed to allow for me to wear Legolas. Not sure which version yet. Might try and get either the Council robes together or the Coronation verison together.

*update* Now wearing my Legolas on Sunday due to a change in plans. Looking forward to seeing any LOTR cosplayers there ^^.


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15 Oct 2012 - 13:4892587
Hey all we are doing a LOTR costume groups for the Oct London Expo SO if you guys are interested at all let me know sorry it's been a while been busy.


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16 Oct 2012 - 17:1892642
We have an update we have a couple people willing to do thin it would be great to have more.
The idea of this Group is to support the upcoming release of THE HOBBIT and to get to meet more fans Of Lord of the Rings. Get together and have a blast I am planning on being there as Legolas for both sat and sun
Really looking forward to the expo.
So any interest please Join in

16 Oct 2012 - 18:0992644
aahhh sorry guys I have group plans on Saturday and Game of Thrones on Sunday

16 Oct 2012 - 19:2992648
I know that Clood and Yukioto are doing Isildur's Era Elrong and the Witch King for the Sunday ..

Seeing their progress, it's bloody amazing

16 Oct 2012 - 21:5392659
Sorry guys. I can no longer make Oct Expo so sadly will have to drop out of this group. Looking forward to seeing photos. I hope you all have a great time ^^

21 Oct 2012 - 21:5892900
Ah cool guys well I'm going both sat and sun as legolas so would be awesome to hook up
Below is the FB page.

Sorry you can't make it Sephirayne

Let us know whos coming Sunday is the planned official meet up but if peeps are going on sat let me know we can sort it out


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26 Oct 2012 - 22:1493143
hey all.
If you are cosplaying lord of the rings. we are planning a meet on sunday at 1 if dry at the steps outside if wet in enterance to excel centre I hope some of you can make it.

01 Jan 2013 - 20:5695455
I'm new here and its great to meet fellow LOTR cosplayers, just a quick question;
how do you get around the rules of not being allowed metal or replica weapons for your costumes? Or do you take in metal (blunt of course) blades and just be careful and not wave them about and poke peoples eyes out.

I'm planning to make a sword from wood or plastic...

09 Jan 2013 - 01:0895713
Metal replica swords are only allowed out for photos. That is the rule. Have you been on The FB page for Tolkien Cosplayers? We got a lot of people planning on joining us on the up coming may and oct Expos. If not here is a link
Tolkien Cosplayers

There is also a more up to date thread for the next expos
PM me for more info


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02 Apr 2013 - 23:50100324
Character List May MCM 2013
This is planned for the next expo, anyone else interested in joining us?

If so, name your costume(s) below (repeats are fine).

You can of course dress as any of the book, film, or even your own charcters. This is TOLKIEN group - so don't limit yourself just to films!

I hope some of you will like to go as the fellowships enemy's too



Bilbo - Matt
Young Bilbo - Kim
Merry - Luke
Frodo - Alyosha
Sam - Sarah


Farimir/Boromir - John(depending)
Boromir/Belag - Dan
Boromir - Doug


EJ Sephirayne

Tauriel - Ruthy
Thranduil - Mildlydelude


Kili - Beth
Fili - Dando
Thorin - Drew



(The Grey) Neomogrox ~ Cosplay Island


Warrior - Cazz Drama Walker


Lurtz - Steve Fisher


Witch King:
Wibble Nut

Ring Wraith:


Aranel (Elf) - Sade
Ithilien - Leigh John
Eleae (Elf) - Eleae

21 May 2013 - 05:50102854
The plan for may expo as it stands is
Step 1
Meet for both sat and sunday at about 1 in the downstairs hallway near other end of expo, the media tend to be down there and I'd like to promote this group and maybe we can make it into some you tube videos.

Step 2
Head to the steps/ grass out front enjoy a Tolkien pic nic between Tolkienist's and various other peeps who may be joining us. Then finish lunch probably about 2.

Step 3
Get snappy, lets take some fun photos and action shots outside and make them as original and fun as possible.

Step 4
finish of and do whatever the hell you guys want to weather that be going your own way or with us it's all about fun and bringing the best out in us all

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