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01 Oct 2008 - 22:046566
I need some advice....
... well this is the general discussion so here goes.

ok so my beloved hamster has got this really awful sore on his belly. it's all gross and pusy and he's on antibiotics.... the vet said it can go 3 ways: during the 10 day course of antibiotics it can either get better.... i've seen no change in it yet, it can look slightly better and we can go back to get more or it won't get better at all in which case we'll have to think about his quality of life.
i can tell he's in alot of pain cause he shuffles around uncomfortably and sleeps in a few different places each night.

the thing is, he's bright and alert, he eats and drinks as well as normal and he's not had any bad mood swings or changes in his personality that would suggest he was really ill.....

i'm just worried because if it doesn't get better, i've put him through extra days of suffering and pain but if it might take a while to get better then i've still put him through alot of pain. i mean he is old but i just don't know if i should be selfish and hope he gets better, or let him go and stop his suffering...

i mean, after 3 days of being on the antibiotics he should be showing some signs of improvement... right? he's only little.... it can't take that long to start to work in such a small body....

i know that i should just let him go but it's always stupidly hard to make these decisions.... i had to do the same for my guinea pig too.... she had to be put down.... i still miss her like crazy...... but it's not fair on him i guess......

i kinda needed to tell SOMEone how i feel cause my parents have that all-too-understanding tone in their voice that makes me feel worse....


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01 Oct 2008 - 22:206567
I'm probably going to say what you don't want to hear but here goes.

I know exactly what you're talking about.

My siblings and I have had hamsters all our lives. And a few years ago, one of my sister's hamsters, Baldrick (don't ask) he got a very similar sore under his belly. It was sore and pusy, and became infected. But in the saem way of your hamster, he showed no obvious signs of pain apart from snuffling about a bit, and not liking being held much. He didn't have mood swings, he didn't stop eating or drinking. He seemed fine.

But at the end of the day, even if your hamster is having antibiotics, if the sore isn't getting any better, you have to face the reality that you may have to have him put down.
Its horrible and hard to take and accept, but if you love your hamster that much, you have to put his health and well being first. Its very obvious you're cut up about this already.
I say give the antibiotics another day or so, if there's still no improvement, call or go back to the vet and say so. And ask what they would suggest.

Sorry if this isn't helpful... *hugs*

01 Oct 2008 - 22:266568
ok my basic advice is this,
dont make any rash decisions just yet,
a course of antibiotics is proportional to both the size of the animal and the severity of the condition,
generally in hamsters/ rats/small animals you generally see improvement after around 5-6 days for average infected wounds,

if he's otherwise ok in himself i wouldnt worry too much, if you can, keep the area clean(if he'll let you touch it)keep his cage as clean as poss, and make sure he drinks plenty of water, a sore on his belly is going to be the worst place for him comfort wise but as long as he's drinking and not off his food there is no need to panic just yet

if in doubt i'm sure your vet wont mind a quick phone call just to put your mind at ease

i'm not a qualified vet but did animal care in college and one of my projects was on illness in small animals as i had a rat at the time,

let me know how he's doing in a few days

02 Oct 2008 - 16:296584
thank you guys.

yeah i think i'll give it a couple days first.... i know what must be done if there's no change though. its a shame cause that's 2 hamsters in the space of 2 or 3 weks (my dwarf hamsters were really REALLY old) so it's kinda hard to face, and i'm not allowed anymore pets till after Uni so it's hard to think i won't have any little animals to looks after and talk to.... dogs aren't the same. but yeah.

*sniffle* poor Comet....

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